10 Best People Search Sites to Find People Online

These days, it can be difficult to form meaningful relationships or even trust people. Most people would simply try to use Google to conduct quick background checks but search engines rarely produce any significant results since they just analyze indexed web pages.

Luckily, people search engines have slowly begun to emerge as a more effective tool that enables anyone to instantly learn everything they need to know about a neighbor, a first date, a potential roommate, an old friend, etc. All you need is to provide a name, phone number, or address and you can access details like their past employment, criminal history, and other aspects of their past for the sake of peace of mind.

However, with so many people search sites to choose from, it can often be extremely difficult to narrow down the best ones. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our top 10 picks that can not only be trusted but also relied upon to deliver excellent background results.

  • TruthFinder – Produces highly detailed reports to find people
  • CocoFinder – Generates accurate and up-to-date people search results
  • Instant Checkmate – Extensive people finder database with advanced search options
  • BeenVerified – Most user-friendly people search site with iOS/Android integration




Since 2015, TruthFinder has been a premium people search site that can consistently produce highly comprehensive background reports due to its access to public database systems. As a result, it is easy to get public information and records such as contact information, criminal records, traffic reports, educational background, employment details, and much more. 

Furthermore, it also does a great job of scouring forums, chat rooms, social media, and even the dark web, which ensures that it can produce details that may have been initially missed by standard searches. It also offers other reverse search services such as phone lookups, username lookups, address lookups, and more. The service has even received wide recognition from several reputable sites such as the DailyMail, CNet, and more.


  • Multiple reverse search options
  • Reputable people search site
  • Highly-detailed background reports
  • Extremely in-depth background searches


  • Can be expensive compared to other sites
  • No trial period
  • Limited to US-only searches

Pricing: Plans start at $28.05 per month

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When it comes to data accuracy, CocoFinder is the leading choice for people searches. The site uses an advanced search engine that can instantly produce accurate and relevant results on any individual’s past by instantly scanning multiple public databases, social platforms, as well as private data broker sites. 

In a matter of minutes, CocoFinder can provide details such as their social accounts, email addresses, current addresses, criminal background, phone numbers and even information on their relatives, friends, online mutuals, etc. 

CocoFinder even features advanced filtering, which offers a high level of precision that makes it easier to accurately narrow down any searches. It also comes with a free tier plan and offers access to multiple search tools, which explains why it is an extremely popular choice among most online users.


  • Offers highly-accurate and precise results 
  • Numerous reverse search tools
  • Advanced search filtering
  • Free tier plan available


  • A bit slower than other people search sites

Pricing: Free Version Available

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                            Instant Checkmate 


Instant Checkmate is the ideal choice for those looking to expand their search radius as far and wide as possible. Since its inception, the service has continued to enhance its search capabilities by ensuring that users can receive detailed reports from a wide variety of databases such as employment records, property records, traffic records, marriage records, criminal records, inmate records, sex offender records, and much more. 

As such, it is the ideal tool for uncovering hidden information that may typically be inaccessible by most other people search tools. The site also offers an unlimited number of background searches and even does well to ensure that all searches remain confidential and secured using 256-bit encryption. In addition to the site, it also comes with an Android app for easy mobile searches.


  • Confidential background checks
  • Android mobile app
  • Extensive search results
  • Unlimited background searches 


  • Paid plans only
  • Single reports not available

Pricing: Plans start at $35.12 per month

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BeenVerified’s people search engine is the most user-friendly option on this list, as its interface is not only extremely easy to navigate but also offers IOS and Android software for quick and smooth mobile searches. It is even compatible with Apple Watch, which makes it the most accessible people search platform that you could use for conducting background searches. 

When it comes to background checks, the site maintains an extensive database that extracts information from public records, social media sites, and commercial sources to provide insightful reports on any individual based in the US. 

As a result, you can extract information such as property records, criminal activity, vehicle reports, contact information, court records, utility bills, etc. It even has a monitoring feature that automatically notifies you whenever new updates are made to an individual’s or even your own public record.


  • Extremely user-friendly interface
  • Automatic monitoring features
  • Mobile app accessibility


  • Limited to US-based searches
  • Requires a monthly subscription

Pricing: Plans start at $17.48 per month

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PeopleFinderFree is a free people search platform that is interlinked with a wide range of public records, data broker sites, and search engines. 

This enables it to scour the web for any relevant information about the target such as their age, social media handles, businesses, current and past residences, phone numbers, online mutuals, relatives, and more. It is also a great option for those who don’t want to deal with any long-term payment commitments to use their background search service. 

You can also conduct reverse phone, email, and address lookups using this site. Plus, it values user anonymity, which means that they will not keep track of your search history. You can even opt out of their database, which means asking them to scrub any of your personal data to prevent others from collecting information on you.


  • Strong data privacy policies
  • No long-term payment commitments 
  • Several reverse lookup tools


  • Lacks international search options
  • Limited to pulling information from online databases

Pricing: Free Version Available

Find Information on Anyone with Help From PeopleFinderFree >>



When it comes to speedy results, FindPeopleFast is the top choice to consider. The platform uses an advanced people search engine that can deliver background information sourced from online directories, public databases, and state agencies. 

Its database is also frequently updated with new information, which ensures that you can access all the latest information on the target. That information can typically include details such as phone numbers, current addresses, real estate records, driver records, etc.

It’s also worth noting that the platform also has one of the simplest layout designs, which ensures that conducting searches is a straightforward process even for first-time users. The site is also free to use, which is why it is a popular choice for users who simply want to conduct quick background checks.


  • Fastest people search engine 
  • Provides up-to-date information
  • Simple user interface
  • Free-to-use search tool


  • Search results are not that comprehensive

Pricing: Free Version Available

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                           US Search

Launched in 1993, US Search is one of the oldest people search tools in the market. It pulls information from public databases before compiling all this information into a single, well-organized report. 

Users have the option of conducting searches based on name, address, phone number or email and the site will provide basic information on them such as past addresses, properties owned, family members, social media handles, photographs, phone numbers, etc. It is an especially great tool for those looking to reconnect with old friends or relatives. 

Unlike most people search tools, this one doesn’t require you to go through a paywall to conduct a background search. However, you will need to pay to get access to the report. Luckily, it’s also flexible in its pricing, as users can choose between conducting single report searches or subscribing to the service on a monthly plan for unlimited searches.


  • Over 25 years in the industry
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Single reporting available


  • No free trial
  • Provides information on US-based individuals only
  • Detailed background reports can be pricey

Pricing: Pro Plan starts at $59 per month

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AnyWho is a handy people search site that allows you to conduct free background checks on any individual. And since it is powered by YellowPages, you can be confident that it is extracting information from up-to-date databases, which typically include contact information and address details. 

One of the main highlights of this tool is that it is extremely easy to use, which means anyone can quickly gather the information they need with zero difficulty. It also facilitates reverse address and phone lookups, which tend to be particularly effective, as the site’s database is updated weekly with phone numbers of people from across the country.


  • Provides up-to-date contact information
  • Extremely easy to navigate
  • Free to use


  • Very limited background information
  • Only caters to US-based searches

Pricing: Plans start at $24.86 per month.

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From contact information, business records, and real estate properties to criminal history, RealPeopleSearch enables you to pull information about a person from official public, state, and federal records. And since it doesn’t require much input, all you need is their name and you should be able to access a huge amount of useful data to work with. 

The site even does a good job of frequently updating its database, which enables you to stay up-to-date on any new information on any given subject, as it becomes publicly available. The search interface is also easy to navigate and the platform is well-known to maintain strict user privacy, so you don’t have to worry about the target finding out, either. It also requires no user sign-up and facilitates an unlimited number of background searches.


  • Maintains strict user privacy
  • No account sign-ups required
  • Up-to-date information guaranteed


  • Restricted to US-based individuals 
  • Can be slow to produce results

Pricing: Free Version Available

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TruePeopleSearch is a good option for those simply looking to collect a decent amount of information on an individual at no charge. The site can provide quick access to basic details such as their contacts, addresses, social media, relatives, business details, and more. To this end, it isn’t the most thorough people search tool out there but it does a fair job at compiling any publicly available data on a subject. 

It also comes with a very simple search engine that enables users to conduct reverse searches using the person’s name, address, and phone number. The site is also extremely responsive, its reports are compiled in a way that is easy to understand, and you don’t even need to create an account to use the tool, either. Plus, the site is Norton secured, so you can rest assured that your user privacy will be respected.


  • Highly-secure people search site
  • Account registration is not necessary
  • Simple user interface


  • Extremely limited background information

Pricing: Free Version Available

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How Do We Pick Out The Best People Finder Sites?

When picking out a people search site, one of the first things to look out for is the company’s reputation. After all, if the site is reliable and effective at providing information, then it will usually have a fair amount of glowing reviews from its users. You can also look through online reviews from third-party sites, as well as chicken social platforms like Reddit and Quora. 

Aside from that, the site must also have an extensive database, as this is often an indication of how much background information you can typically expect to get. You can often determine this by checking to see where it sources its information from. In most cases, you should look out for sites that have access to public databases, private data broker sites, as well as local state and federal agencies.

In addition, you should aim to find a people search site that comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There’s nothing more infuriating than trying to collect information from a site that makes the entire process unnecessarily complicated. Instead, focus on mobile-optimized sites, offer easy-to-navigate layouts, facilitate quick user sign-ups, and have simple search criteria options. This way, you can access the information you need with zero hassle.

Finally, you should make sure that the pricing being offered matches the level of value being provided. This means carefully conducting price comparisons to determine which people search sites offer the best bang for your buck. In such instances, it helps to keep an eye out for sites that offer free trial periods or tier plans, which should make it easier to determine if the service is worth it or not.

Alternatives to People Search Engines

Check Social Media

In this day and age, almost everyone has a social account on one platform or the other. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, if you want to track someone down, one of the easiest ways to start is by checking their name on these platforms. You should also check professional social sites like LinkedIn, as some people may only use their real names on their business profiles.


Search Government Databases

If you have a good idea of the person’s name and where they used to live in the past, then you can often try to search through public records at local state websites and databases. In most cases, you are likely to come across some useful information like court records, property records, vehicle records, or some other type of publicly available information that mentions their name.

Use Online Search Engines

This is a rather basic approach to conducting a people search but it can sometimes yield unexpected results. You can Google Search the person’s name, along with other details like their profession, residence, or even phone number. This can produce some results from other sites that may have previously mentioned them or even a personal website that they own. 

You should also try other search engines like Opera and Bing, as different browsers tend to use their unique search algorithms, which can produce other bits of information.


1. Which is the best free website to find a person?

CocoFinder is the best site on this list for those looking to gather information at no cost because it does an effective job of providing accurate background data on a target. As such, you can be confident that you are getting great value even without ever having to make a financial commitment. Plus, it even offers features like advanced search filtering, which can be useful in making the entire search process even easier to handle.

2. Can I find someone by a name?

Yes. If all you have is the person’s name to go on, then you should be able to gather a fair amount of information on them by using the right people search engine. In most cases, these sites will scour social media, public databases, public records, and even private data broker sites for any information linked to that name and provide a detailed report. 

However, if the name is particularly common, then the best way to narrow down the list quickly is to provide other related information like the state they reside in, for example.

3. How can I get someone’s address?

People search sites can help you to pinpoint a person’s current and previous addresses using their name, phone, email, or even social media handle. The more information you have on the person, the easier it will be for these tools to narrow down their exact whereabouts. 

Even if the search engine is unable to provide you with their address, you will at least be able to locate potential family members and acquaintances, which should provide you with other avenues of inquiry that you can use to find out where the target resides.

4. What information can I find using a people search site?

People search sites can extract and compile a wide range of data sourced from public databases and even official state/federal agencies. As a result, they are capable of providing you with details about a person’s past and even their current status. This can include their name, age, old and new contact information, previous and current addresses, employment history, educational background, old and new social media accounts, past and present business ventures, marriage status, criminal history, traffic records, etc.

Find People with These People Search Engines

With the right people search tool at your disposal, you should be able to compile useful information on almost anyone with minimal difficulty. Hopefully, this list should have provided you with a fair amount of information on the top sites that you should consider using. 

However, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to stick to using just one of these sites. After all, even if one site fails to provide you with the information you need, then chances are that the next one can be of service. And since some of them require no sign-ups or payment, you can feel free to explore until you get what you need.

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