12 Republican Senators Plan To Object Certification Of Biden’s Victory


The joint session of Congress is all set to meet on Wednesday to certify Biden’s victory. About 12 Republican senators are now planning to object to the certification process. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri along with Senator Ted Cruz will be joined by other Senators in the process.

They issued a joint statement saying that similar to the 2016 elections, the 2020 US presidential elections was also hard-fought and narrowly decided in several swing states. The senators felt that the elections were held with several voting irregularities and it saw unprecedented allegations of voter fraud. They also said that several election laws were violated.

12 Republican Senators Plan To Object Certification Of Biden’s Victory

Even Trump has said on several occasions that the election was stolen by Biden and his team even though he was not able to provide any proof to support the allegations. Several lawsuits filed by the team of Donald Trump have been rejected by the courts in recent weeks. The senators did not disclose the basis for the objections but said that they have enough doubts regarding the election results to call for a debate.

12 Republican Senators Plan To Object Certification Of Biden’s Victory

The senators said that even if the elected officials and journalists did not believe in the allegations of voter fraud, the deep distrust of the democratic process would not magically go away. They also mentioned that the Supreme Court dismissed two cases that challenged the elections even without hearing arguments.

Apart from the 12 senators, more than 100 Republican members of the House are also likely to object the certification process on Wednesday. According to political experts, this is the last chance for Republicans to overturn the election results. However, several Republican leaders have disapproved of such acts by the Senators and said that such actions would not benefit anyone in the country.

Several Republicans said that there was not much hope for the Senators to succeed in their efforts to stop the certification process. They said that there was no sense in putting such efforts when the outcome could not be altered in any manner.

This has become an embarrassing point for several republican leaders as they are not able to defend the actions of their leaders. On the other hand, the democrats are least bothered about such actions as they feel that it is not going to change the outcome of elections in any manner. The joint session that is scheduled for Wednesday may see some drama from the republican leaders who plan to oppose the certification. However, it will not be enough to stop the certification process.

Several pro-Trump organizations have planned to organize protests on Wednesday in Washington and other areas. Even Trump has supported them and asked them to show their support for the efforts of republican senators. The police department has said that they are aware of the threats that may arise in such situations and planning their strategies to handle the crowds. The officials said that they are better prepared now to handle such crowds and said that they would take strict action against troublemakers during the protests.

Biden has not commented on these developments as he seems confident that nothing will happen with these events. The Biden team has already made arrangements for taking up the administration on January 20. The transition team is working on every aspect of governance and putting their best efforts to ensure a smooth transition of power. The Biden team had several complaints in this regard that the existing Trump administration is not extending full cooperation by providing information about national security issues. All the controversies are likely to come to an end on Wednesday once the certification process comes to an end.


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