1,296 Deaths Continue To Fall Due To Covid In Florida.

1,296 Deaths Continue To Fall Due To Covid In Florida.
Oceanside, N.Y.: Nurse educator Katie Demelis and nurse manager Nydia White tend to and wrap the the body of a patient who died of COVID-19, at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, New York on April 15, 2020. (Photo by Jeffrey Basinger/Newsday via Getty Images)

The CDC has estimated 12386 new Covid 19 Cases and 1296 deaths in Florida on Thursday. All but 19 recently reported deaths, about 99%, occurred as of 11 August, according to a Herald analysis. The latest rise in COVID19 cases in Florida is due to identical body variables. 

Number Of Death In Florida Is Increasing.

The Herald estimates based on data from the CDC that the state has averaged 338 deaths and 14,276 cases per day over the past seven days. The sharp increase in the number of reported cases and deaths is due to the new method of calculating deaths and cases. The CDC made the change in early August, causing occasional one-day deviations such as an additional 1,064 deaths on Monday and 1,338 deaths, which were the most reported in September. Alone in Florida, 3,391,158 cases and 48,273 deaths have been registered due to coronavirus. 

1,296 Deaths Continue To Fall Due To Covid In Florida.


As reported Thursday, 11,691,263 eligible Florida residents- 54.4% of the state’s population – completed a two-dose series of PfizerBioNTech or Moderna or completed a single Johnson and Johnson vaccination, according to the CDC. 


CDC reports that as of Thursday, all 67 counties in the state have high transmission rates of COVID in their populations. According to the CDC, this is the number of people in South Florida who are fully immunized. 

  • In Broward County, approximately 1,130,917 people are fully immunized, representing 57.9% of the County’s population. 
  • In Palm Beach County, approximately 829,772 people are fully immunized, representing 55.4% of the county’s population. 
  • In Monroe County, 47,731 people are fully immunized, representing 64.3% of the county’s population. 
  •  In Manati County, approximately 204,638 people are fully immunized, which is 50.7% of the district’s total population. 

According to a report by the US Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday, 13,034 people were hospitalized in Florida with COVID19. In the final report, COVID19 patients accounted for 22.36% of total hospital beds, up from 24.34% in the hospital the day before. Of those hospitalized in Florida, 3,049 are in intensive care, eight fewer. This represents 46.03% of the state’s intensive care beds from the 259 hospitals reporting data, up from 46.2% a day earlier. 

This equates to an average of 245 deaths per day in August, and there could be more virus-related deaths these days. Florida had 3,391,158 cases and 48,273 deaths from COVID19 since the outbreak began, according to the latest CDC figures.
In recent days, there has been a downward trend in new cases and hospitalizations, following the peak of the summer spike in August, when an average of more than 21,000 new infections was reported each day.

Last month, the state health department moved from counting deaths to the date they were tested, to tracking them to the day a person died. After that, the daily increments at first seem to be smaller. The lot of 1,296 deaths recorded Thursday were lower than the record 1,338 added last Thursday. Another 1,064 deaths were reported in CDC data as of Monday. The CDC receives these numbers from the Florida Department of Health, which currently only publishes full COVID19 reports on Fridays.


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