150 Rioters To Be Charged By Justice For Capitol Riot


Since the recent infamous riot of Capitol in Washington DC, about 150 people have been identified and likely to be charged with sedition by the Justice Department. In a news conference, Michael Sherwin, the top US prosecutor based in Washington, has said that investigators have used 500 grand jury subpoenas and search warrants to get information about the accused in the matter. 

Most of the accused have been charged with unlawful and forced entry into a restricted building of national importance and disorderly conduct in the Capitol. The other charges are that of theft of government belongings, conspiracy, assault on law and order, and interstate threats. 

150 Rioters To Be Charged By Justice For Capitol Riot

The FBI has also confirmed that they have received 200,000 tips on digital media from the public. One such case is that of an airport police officer who had identified an accused person because he had once kicked him off a flight for yelling pro-Trump phrases continuously. The FBI has also said that they are now focusing on investigating the extremist groups who had participated in the Capitol Riot. 

150 Rioters To Be Charged By Justice For Capitol Riot

Currently, the Justice Department is charging offenders from the list that has been brought up with the use of social media helped by the public. Those who have been arrested are also causing a delay in the process by appealing in the federal courts in their home-state before coming to Washington DC. The Justice Department has also released some offenders with restrictions like stay-away orders, excluding those who brought bombs in the riot or threatened to kill lawmakers. Sherwin has also confirmed the possibility of charging the accused ones with the charges of sedition, which provides law against some serious offenses like plotting of conspiracy and hindrance in the execution of law and order and also the proper functioning of the US government.

In this January 6th riot, nearly 81 Capitol police and 58 DC Metro Police officers had been victims. Unfortunately, Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Hill Officer, has succumbed to the injuries he sustained while doing his duty. 

Police are still searching for violators who had planted pipe bombs outside the Republican and Democratic Party’s headquarters. The FBI is offering a whopping amount of $75,000 reward for anyone who can help in this investigation. In a news conference, Steven D’Antuono, the FBI assistant director in Washington DC has said that this is a unique case due to its magnitude and number of subjects. 

The riot was held in order to hinder the process of certifying the presidentship of Joe Biden, who is now the 46th US president. Trump supporters are not ready to acknowledge him as the new president, and thus, are violating law and order to reinstate Trump in the White House. Former President, Donald Trump, is also facing the possibility of facing impeachment trial for the second time. This will be the first time a US president would face impeachment trials twice in their career. 

The criminal offense of sedition is a major crime as per the US constitution. This law was enacted first during the era of Civil Wars, which charges 20-year penalties for anyone who is planning to overthrow the US government or is instrumental in delaying the execution of law and order in the US. The last time this law had been voiced for was to suppress the so-called leftist protestors against the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police officers in front of the public eye but to no avail. However, this time, the grievance caused to the US law can see the use of this penalty by the Justice Department.  


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