More Than 2 Million People Have Signed Up For These Health Plans

More Than 2 Million People Have Signed Up For These Health Plans

Greater than 2 million Americans have already signed up for the Affordable Care Act health plans or ACA health policy. In the first 2 weeks of the extended period for enrollment, President Biden has ordered the team to help more Americans in finding the right insurance plans amid these economic ripple effects which are caused due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More Than 2 Million People Have Signed Up For These Health Plans

Figures which have been released on Wednesday by the federal health officials have shown that the number of consumers who have chosen for coverage from between Feb. 15 and Feb. 28 is around 206,236. This is nearly 3 times greater as compared to the same span of the previous year which is roughly three and a half times higher than the figures in 2019.

More Than 2 Million People Have Signed Up For These Health Plans

This increase in demand of the ACA health policies during the early phase in the last 3 months enrollment extension. There was a portion of the enrollment in the first 2 weeks in the regular enrollment time recently when more than 1.6 million Americans have signed up for the program in the 1st half of November.

Generally, this federal Affordable Care Act insurance marketplace is open to people during the annual enrollment season mainly. A six-week period is near December in the year in the Trump era. In the rest of the year, people can buy these ACA health plans, if and only if, they can secure special federal permission since owing to major changes in the life circumstances, for instance, the childbirth or adoption, a moving out or a leaving a job.

Last spring, there were many health plan experts and consumer-related health advocates who pressed former President Donald Trump to throw the doors wide open to the for the dislocation of the economy resulting from the fact that the pandemic had started to cost Americans their jobs and health benefits which came with them. Although Trump has refused earlier, and he refused again for leaving the insurance marketplace to remain open for longer late the previous year.

After some days of swearing into his office in January, Biden has directed his health officials to reopen this online federal insurance marketplace for at least three months, till mid of May. This executive order was issued after a down payment against his often-stated goal of making health care more accessible and affordable to Americans. His advocates are using this ACA, which was a sprawling health-care law passed in 2020 when he was the vice president to the much loved President Barack Obama, at the lever for expanding coverage.

In his statement on Wednesday, Biden had said that these numbers are quite an encouraging sign to the law but we should not slow down until every American has got a sense of security and peace of mind of great quality, affordable health coverage plans.

President has given a plug for the people to keep enrolling while it is possible for them. There is plenty of time that is being given to the people to sign up, and he encourages everyone and anyone who requires health insurance to visit before the fifteenth of May. The president said. if one has gotten the coverage, they can help their friends and family members who are still uninsured and get them covered.

Biden has also given in his latest speech on coronavirus relief legislation when passed by the House and now in the Senate. Among these things, the package will increase the subsidies.


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