3 cyclical shares that Credit Suisse is considering


Jonathan Golub from Credit Suisse (CS) recently took a position on stock valuation and concluded that cyclical stocks are trading cheap.

According to Golub, “Cyclical valuations are the cheapest of any group, with materials and energy trading at the biggest discounts to history,” he added, adding that the financial services sector is looking up, history. “

I agree with Golub’s access to the market. Here are three cyclical actions I’m bullish on.


After losing nearly 40% year-on-year, Sibanye (SBSW) the stocks are in an investable range. South Africa’s Precious Metals Company has faced a variety of idiosyncratic problems of late as its workers went on strike over wage demands. In addition, the Montana region has recently been hit by flooding which has subsequently disrupted platinum group metal (PGM) operations.

Although 2022 was a difficult year for Sibanye, operational capacity is expected to be restored soon, allowing reserves to bear fruit.

Also, Sibanye shares are undervalued, which adds to the history of Credit Suisse. First, its share price-to-earnings ratio (3.87x) suggests that Sibanye is trading at an industry discount of 71.60%. Additionally, Sibanye’s stock is undervalued compared to its sells, trading at a price-to-sales ratio of just 0.74x.

Alternatively, Sibanye offers a monumental dividend, with a yield of 9.52% and a payout ratio of 61.18%. Furthermore, the stock dividend is sustainable with a dividend coverage ratio of 2.76x.

For Wall Street, Sibanye receives a consensual Strong Buy rating based on five buy ratings and one hold rating over the past three months. SBSW stock average price target of $19.08 means 78.65% upside potential.

American bank

Goldman Sachs (GS) recently in the Bank of America rankings (BAK) Stocks in his rebalanced portfolio, which includes diverse assets with a high Sharpe ratio.

Bank of America is a solid option right now because it has quality yield metrics. For example, diluted earnings per share rose 50.80% last year and are expected to rise another 27.96% next year. Also worth noting is the bank stocks’ net earnings margin of 33.61%, which exceeds the median sector by 15.58%.

Bank of America’s solid financial statements shouldn’t come as a surprise as they overshadowed its first quarter earnings estimate of 80 cents a share on the back of deposits rising (+13% yoy) and a solid Tier 1 equity ratio of 10.4. %.

On the other hand, the bank is struggling with several cost issues due to rising lateral inflation. However, CEO Brian Moynihan believes that rising interest rates could ease spending throughout the year, he said: “In conclusion, we say that spending is at the same level this year and that net interest income will improve. to the bottom line. “

Bank of America stock is currently undervalued as its price list ratio is 6.17% discount from the normalized average and its PEG ratio of 0.17x means the stock market is underscoring its tremendous earnings per share growth.

For Wall Street, Bank of America receives a moderate buy consensus rating based on seven buy ratings and six hold ratings posted over the past three months. BAC stock average price target of $46.17 means 41.41% upside potential.

Matador Resources

Matador Resources is a source of high beta energy, which means it’s the purest game of pure conviction. Matador operates in the United States in the upper to mid-range oil and gas sector.

The Company owns 124,800 acres of manufacturing in the Delaware Basin and 50% of the mainstream joint venture (San Mateo). With cohesion, a company is able to market a product at a competitive price at a reasonable cost. Matador is a growing energy company, which means its golden days in oil production are yet to come.

As far as style-based analysis goes, Matador is in great shape. The company’s 5-year EBITDA CAGR of 49.38% means it adds value to the income statement at its discretion. In addition, the company’s normalized net income for 5 years CAGR 1.04x shows that there is great intrinsic value being transferred to Matador’s shareholders.

For Wall Street, Matador Resources has received a strong buy consensus rating based on eight buys ratings posted over the past three months. The average target price of MTDR $78.63 means 59.11% growth potential.

Final Thoughts

Credit Suisse emphasized that cyclical stocks are undervalued. It is debatable whether or not cycles reach their full value. However, the measures mentioned in this article have a good chance of realizing their potential.




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