5 Incredible Strategies To Make Your Press Release Stand Out

Press releases are well-crafted to make your business known to an extensive audience. If you think your business can be newsworthy, arranging press releases could perform very well in generating publicity and advertising your business for free. 

Press releases basically are a golden key to securing coverage. There can be several purposes behind a press release, and it could be your event, your success milestone, your client releasing a new product, raising new funds or even philanthropy events. 

All of it seems straightforward and easy, but in fact, you will never know if your submission will be published or not. 

This article specifically highlights how to make your press release stand out and maximize your chances of publication. Let’s go ahead to unveil the secret behind a good press release. 

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Headlines are the foremost impression of your publication. The more attention-grabbing it is, the better your chances of making the cut. The best way to create a headline is to make it sound interesting yet keep it short. Ideally, a headline grasps readers’ interest and makes them feel that your publication is worth reading. 

Headlines must be reflective of the reporter’s headlines. When you decide on a headline, think it through. Would you click on it if you were scrolling through your cell phone? Is it compelling enough to drop other things and read the publication? 

Suppose you are a business catering to sports betting Australia; well-crafted press releases highlighting eye-catching announcements can help you create a public relationship, letting them know of your company developments.

Valuable Lead Paragraph

For a press release to resonate well with the audience, you need to clearly understand what the audience wants to see. To do this, you can stay up to date with the already trending topics or the topics hot on the news. Precisely, topics that are of high value to your targeted audience shall be addressed.

Ensure that the first paragraph hooks the reader in. Since publishers are receiving thousands of emails and press releases a day. Making your lead paragraph valuable, informative and concise is the key to getting the details across. 

If the headlines and the lead paragraphs grab the publisher’s interest, it is highly probable that the rest of the article will only go through a skimming process, and you will land yourself a good press release. 

Additionally, ensure to answer the what, who, when, why and where in the lead paragraph. The core details of the announcement should also be ideally covered in the lead paragraph so that the rest of the article carries the supporting information. 

Use Factual Writings

Press releases can help to boost your brand awareness by introducing it to the public. Therefore, it is crucial to state the facts and not only the advertisements. If your press releases reeks of advertisements, it is highly unlikely for the journalist to pick it for coverage. 

To ensure that your press release is read like a proper news story, it is better to stick to the facts and engage the audience as best as you can. Keep your tone informative when writing the story and state the facts rather than persuade the audience. 

Avoiding promotional or advertising tones can help you increase your chances of getting additional media coverage via press releases. 

Strong Call To Action (CTA)

If there is no call to action, only stating the facts would mean nothing. A call to action is a push for the audience to take specific actions that would benefit you. Part of what makes a good Press release is its flow to drag the readers and engage them enough to take more specific actions you want them to indulge in. 

A compelling Call To Action can be anything ranging from a click on a specific link to your website or something more robust like signing up or registering for an upcoming event. 

A good press release not only informs but helps the audience to get acquainted with your business. Just ensure that your audience is compelled to take the actions you want them to take. 

Add Contact Details For Media Editors

Media editors and journalists are on tight deadlines and often manage several stories per day. Providing your contact details will make it easier for them to contact you in case of anything they need. The easier you make it for them, the higher your chances of having your press release. 

Besides providing the contact information on top of your story, including it in your boilerplate for press members also boosts your odds of having the story covered. 

Wrap Up

Wrap the story as per your story flow. This type of writing can be tricky, so it is always better to write down in detail and then condense the story to make it more compelling. 

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