9 Surprising Things Your Home Insurance Can Cover


Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve ever made in your life. It is therefore essential to protect it with good household contents insurance.

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The idea behind getting home insurance is to protect yourself from catastrophic events like fire. But your home insurance can cover a surprising number of things, including a range of non-catastrophic events that can nonetheless be costly.

While specifics vary from policy to policy, here are some common but perhaps unexpected things that good homeowners insurance can protect you against.

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theft of personal belongings

It only makes sense that personal items stolen from your home would be covered by your home insurance. However, if you have personal items in your car – like your golf clubs – and someone breaks a window and steals them, it may be covered by your rental insurance. Note that policy limits may vary depending on whether you’re at home or not, and you may have to pay the deductible first.

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dog house

Having a kennel in your yard means you can rest assured that your pet is just as safe as you are. If a fire breaks out in your yard and your kennel burns down, your homeowners policy should cover it. Home insurance generally covers any structure constructed on your property, from a shed to a backyard office to a kennel.

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Injury to your property

While most homeowners buy insurance to protect their home, the personal liability clause in many policies also protects you from accidents that may occur. For example, if you have friends in the garden and one of them slips and falls, their injuries should be covered by your homeowners policy.

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Libel for Defamation or Defamation

The personal liability rule in most homeowner’s insurance policies also extends to verbal damage. For example, if you are accused of defamation and need to defend your good name in court, your homeowners insurance should foot the bill. Even President Bill Clinton relied on the personal liability portion of his homeowners insurance to pay the bill for a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones.

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Property your child takes to college

Residential property insurance coverage often extends to student property. For example, your son or daughter’s computer and stereo are likely to be insured against theft or damage while they are in college, although they may be under the age of 24.

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Objects falling from space

A meteorite is unlikely to hit your home after a long journey through space, but it happens. Damage from “blue ice” is a little more common – frozen sewage falling from airplanes. But rest assured, you need not fear these dangers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, standard homeowner insurance policies cover “falling objects” from satellites and asteroids to meteors and space debris.

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It may sound strange, but headstones are typically classified as personal property and are protected from perils such as vandalism and theft by home insurance. However, coverage is often capped at $5,000 or less. You should also note that according to Progressives, damage to tombstones is often caused by a cemetery’s landscaping, in which case the cemetery’s own policy will take care of the bill.

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rampage of wild animals

Of course, a flock of gazelles is unlikely to jump out your windows and ruin your home. But a bear is far more likely to break into your home and wreak serious havoc. The good news is that your home insurance should always cover the damage. Just know that most policies exclude damage from more common pests such as squirrels, bats, rats, mice and lizards.


your wine collection

This protection comes with a small caveat. While home insurance generally has limited coverage for consumable items like wine, if you own a rare collection of fine wines, you’ll likely want to purchase specialty insurance. A “Personal Article Floater” can increase wine coverage to a $5,000-$50,000 collection, typically in the $1,000-$2,500 range. There are also special wine insurance policies for more valuable vintages.

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