A Fourth Wave Of Coronavirus Is Looming For The United States

A Fourth wave of Coronavirus is Looming for The United States

Infections and hospitalization for Covid-19 is increasing. But many health experts are in direct terms about what will happen if the new variant of coronavirus will surge in upcoming months. 

As per comments made by Atul Gawade, who is a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a professor at Harvard T.H Chan School, “ we are letting our foot off the brake at the present moment. 

A Fourth Wave Of Coronavirus Is Looming For The United States

The United States has witnessed an increase in the number of cases in the last spring in the North-Eastern parts and a spike in the number of cases in the Southern part. The death toll of people due to Covid-19 has increased upto half a Million and the United States is also approaching the Fourth Wave.

Dr Luciana Borio who is the former acting chief scientist at FDA opined that we are done with the Coronavirus, but the virus is not done with us. Thus, it is important to take proper care and attention. 

A Fourth wave of Coronavirus is Looming for The United States

As per reports, three legislatures in the United States have lifted mask mandates in the last few days. In addition to this, New york and Massachusetts have also eased up restrictions on the restaurant seating time on the eve of Valentine’s day. 

Many virologists believe that the way we are behaving these days seems that we are trying to help the virus insead of stopping it. 

A higher contagious variant of Coronavirus has arrived in Europe, South Africa, as well as Latin America. The new virus variant has also arrived in the United States. The virus will become dominant by the end of the next month as per the US center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

As per Dr. Peter Hotez who is the dean of National School of Tropical Medicine, if the infectiousness and case fatality for the new variant turns out to be the same for US as it has turned out for the UK, the death rate in the United States will reach a staggering rate. 

Another virus variant that has originated in Southern California has also spread across the United States as per study. Although, it is not sure whether the new variant is more contagious or not, but it is important for people to be very careful at this stage. As per the early review, there is no clear indication about the significance as well as the dangerous impact of the variant.

The only happy news this week is that the two vaccines that are currently available, one by Pfizer and one by Moderna is effective against the new variant. But, the new variant of the virus will make the targeted drugs like Monoclonal antibodies less effective. 

The best way to mitigate the threat of the strain is to control the strain of the virus. Thus, it is important for the general public to use different health tools like mask-wearing, hand-washing, avoiding crowd, and vaccination.

Looking at the present circumstances, it is essential for the government as well as common people.


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