A Lot Is Told About Travis Barker’s Relationship With His Ex-Children Wife’s When He Uses Her Daughter Penelope’s Self-Portrait

Travis Barker

It’s conceivable that Travis Barker’s new profile picture on Instagram and Twitter is a touch entertaining to some of you, however that is on the grounds that the photograph is especially significant to Barker, who made it his profile picture.

Travis Barker’s Relationship With His Ex-Children Wife’s

Travis’ little girl Penelope, Travis’ long-lasting sweetheart and future spouse, drew a representation of Barker for his new profile photograph.

Travis Barker and the photograph of a youth portraying that he utilized as his profile picture currently check out, correct? Beside exhibiting Barker’s security with Scott Disick and Kourtney’s subsequent child,

Travis Barker's

the occurrence showed that he is the ideal sweetheart and stepfather to Kourtney Disick, who thinks of him as to a greater degree a mentor.

“I love this Penelope,” Travis Barker expressed in an Instagram story prior to posting the sketch as his profile picture. Adding the photograph to his Instagram story didn’t seem like enough for Barker, so he involved it as his profile picture on both Instagram and Twitter.

Penelope has made a staggering picture of Barker, in which we can perceive how carefully she has taken care of the littlest subtleties, similar to the tattoo and neckband that he wears consistently.

To observe how Barker has fortified with Kourtney’s kids is a delight for us, similar to the fellowship among Penelope and Barker. There’s little uncertainty that Barker has invested a great deal of energy, exertion, and cash into prevailing upon Kourtney’s youngsters, too.

Since Barker began dating Kourtney, Barker and Kourtney’s kids have been similar to a family to Barker. As well as giving Penelope another drum for her 10th birthday celebration, drummer Travis Barker was a functioning member in her festival.

Artisan and Reign, Kourtney’s more established two kids, have likewise reinforced well with Barker. Kourtney, Barker’s ex-two sweetheart’s youngsters, has additionally fostered a tight relationship with Barker’s two kids.

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Landon and Alabama are the names of Barker’s two youngsters with Shanna Moakler. Artisan, Reign, and Penelope are Kourtney and Scott Disick’s three kids.

They split in 2015 following an involved acquaintance, and theories of Kourtney Kardashian dating Travis Barker started to flow not long after her split from Scott Disick. It is normal that Kourtney would wed Travis in the spring of 2022, after they got connected with on October 18, 2021.


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