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RPG Real Estate Episode 6 is scheduled for release this week. The series got off to a great start. It also indicates a secret about the Fa that will soon be revealed. As previously seen, the group of four went to the beach together and tried to find a place to live together. After failing miserably, they head back to their office. It seems things have changed and the Dark Lord is back. Nobody saw him, but the dragon injured many when he was last seen. The incident has led Kotone to believe that Fa may be the Dark Lord. So, here’s everything about the upcoming outing.

In the following release, the girls will continue to have a fun time together. As things get more and more complicated, much is revealed about her own identity. In addition, the truth behind the Fa will also be revealed. So the next episode will reveal a lot about the group.

RPG real estate episode 6

RPG Real Estate Episode 6: What will happen next?

Fearing that Fa might be the Dark Lord, Kotone chose to sleep with her in the final episode. She looked at her over the night light and felt a change in her aura. RPG Real Estate Episode 6 reveals the events of the night they spent together. Apparently it is only the Dark Lord and Fa who are able to understand both human and demonic language. Therefore, there is a small chance that both could be the same person. But there is no concrete proof so far.

On the other hand, Rufuria will crave Rakira’s crab dishes. In addition, she will question the actions of Mr. Kanille in the upcoming episode. It is likely that a musical artist will join the group. However, some may not be able to cope with the latest addition. As implied in the episode title, there could be scenes where the group is preparing a song or tune for the Grim Reaper. So the next release will surely be another fun watch for the fans.

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RPG real estate episode 6

Summary of the previous chapter!

RPG Real Estate Episode 5 started with the group going to a beach. Kotone took her there in search of a house. The girls indulged in many games during their time there. They played house with fa and more. As the group continued to have fun, Fa heard a cry for help. The group found a crying crab. Rakira immediately wanted to cook the sea creature. But Kotone used it to find the location of the house.

They drank potions left for them by the owner of the house and entered the ocean. The house was under water. It was beautiful and captivated everyone. Realizing they would not be able to live underwater, Kotone gifted the place to the crab. Back home, they were greeted by the grim news of the Dark Lord’s return. Kotone suspected it might be Fa and persuaded himself to spend a night with her.

RPG real estate episode 6

RPG Real Estate Episode 6 Release Date

RPG Real Estate Episode 6 will continue the events of Kotone sharing the same space as Fa. So the upcoming episode will be released on May 11, 2022. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll and Netflix. So stay tuned to our page for more updates.


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