Action Against Schools In Florida With Mask Mandates


The state Board of Education in Florida decided to take action against eight schools in the district for not following rules by Governor DeSantis.

Desantis earlier released an advisory stating that the parents are solely responsible for choosing if their children will wear masks on the school campus or not.

Action Against Schools In Florida With Mask Mandates

Governor Ron DeSantis clearly expressed his disapproval for a blanket mask mandate in schools allowing in-person learning.

Despite DeSantis’s advisory against mask mandates, several schools in the district imposed mask mandates for school staff members and students.

Action against schools in Florida with mask mandates

The state board of Education now identified eight schools and is planning to impose a penalty on them.

All board members of these eight schools favored the mask mandate. The schools now may face financial cutoffs equivalent to the salaries of the board members until the time they show their agreement with the Governor’s orders. These eight schools are located in Alachua, Broward, Brevard, Leon, Duval, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Orange Counties.

The State Board of Education unanimously approved the decision on Thursday. However, all the members of the State Board of Education are appointed by the Republican Governor. The voting was done after the superintendents from the eight districts stated that the mask mandate helped prevent the spread of the Covid-19 vaccine.

After the release of the State Board’s decision, Miami-Dade superintendent Alberto tweeted, ” We disagree with the State Board of Education’s decision and fervently believe that  we are on good terms with law, reason, and science with imposing a mask mandate.” He stated that there was no “major outbreak” in his state, and the number of cases among students is declining visibly after the imposition of the mask mandate.

The state board said that the county school boards are knowingly and willingly violating the law.  

The state board says that the school board members are depriving the parents and students of the right of choice and denying them the right to decide on education and health care.

The debate over mask mandates is rising fiercely in  Florida, Arizona, Texas, and several other states as the Republican Governors of these states oppose the mask mandates.  The Governors are of the mindset that mandating masks infringes the liberties of the citizens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the teachers, staff members, and students wear a mask even if they are vaccinated.

The United States president Joe Biden, a Democrat, openly criticized the Republican Governors opposing the mask mandates for school students and staff members.  The Federal Department of Education is investigating the ban over mask mandates to identify if the ban violates the civil rights of disabled students.

So far, multiple lawsuits have also been filed in states like Florida. The lawsuits straight away challenge the ban on mask mandates. A federal judge, in August, stated that the state constitution permits the school boards to put in place strict mask mandates for schools. 

The chairman of the State Board, Tom Grady, said, ” All the school board members and the superintendents must abide by the law whether they agree with it or not, it is their duty, and they may stay loyal to it.”


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