If More Adults Don’t Get Vaccinated, More Kids Will Develop COVID-19

If More Adults Don’t Get Vaccinated, More Kids Will Develop COVID-19

Vaccination among various adults is slowing down. While the cases of infection are increasing. The trend is dim. It can lead to more infections in children. Children can face potentially horrifying circumstances, amounting to death. Unvaccinated children are at a larger risk.

Getting more adults and teenagers vaccinated is the key to arrest this grim situation. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration have issued an emergency use authorization for vaccination in December 2020, itself. THE U.S. authorities are working on getting a large part of the population vaccinated, to induce herd immunity. However, reaching that goal is a much bigger challenge, if current reports are to be believed. 

If More Adults Don’t Get Vaccinated, More Kids Will Develop COVID-19

As of 22nd July 2021, only about 56.4 percent of U.S. citizens had received the first dose of the vaccine only. In addition to that, 48.8 percent is fully vaccinated. However, if various recent reports are to be believed, the vaccination rate is suddenly dropping, and infection is rising at breakneck speed.

Such reports are popping in from at least 49 states. By 15th July, there was a huge drop in vaccination rates. The trend shows a higher rate of infections in younger adults.

If More Adults Don’t Get Vaccinated, More Kids Will Develop COVID-19

The trend is particularly disturbing. This scenario may lead to infection in children in huge numbers soon. 

How Dangerous Is It For Children? 

There are a rising number of complications in children, along with infections. It seems to be a worrying trend. Children with Covid-19 symptoms can develop MIS-C. It is also known as a multisystem inflammatory syndrome. The inflammation occurs in several parts of the body, like the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, GI, and eyes. The children, who already have other pre-existing diseases are more at risk. Children with heart, lung ailments and other infections are more at risk. Obesity is another problem, that almost all children in the U.S. suffer from. It is another risk factor. However, Dr. Schieffelin who heads pediatric, says that all the studies are not that conclusive at present. It can also affect children who do not have such pre-existing diseases. 

Although long-haul Covid-19 infection is not rampant in children. It can affect them. Some studies in Switzerland show that 4 percent of children have the symptoms for Covid-19 for about 12 weeks. The most common symptoms include fever, tiredness, and concentration issues. However, there is less risk of death amongst the children. Only 0.00 to 0.03 percent of pediatric COVID-19 cases have resulted in death. The numbers are small but worrying. However, the worrying news is that the number of children getting infected is rising. 

Effect Of Variants

Another concern is that there is very little data about the effect of variants on children. However, the main problem with children is that, they are not getting vaccinated anytime soon. This raises the risk factor. Most viruses mutate, during replication. That is a worrying fact. The more it gets transmitted, the more mutation occurs. 

Most mutations result in dead-end variants, that cannot compete against the existing strains. However, they may cause more severe symptoms. Moreover, the Delta variant spreads quickly. 

The only way to save both adults, teens, and children is through proper vaccination drives. All eligible people must get vaccinations. It will curb the spread of the disease in their families. Thus, putting children at a lesser risk of getting infected. The immunocompromised people in the US. Need a frequent action to harness the spread. So, it is imperative to get the drives in full swing. The more the vaccination percentage, the better it is for the population at large. 

Moreover, schools are planning to open. Here, in this situation, vaccinating all concerned is a top priority. 


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