Airlines Cancel More Than 1200 Flights Due To Winter Storm


Airlines have canceled more than 700 flights for Wednesday, and close to 600 flights for Thursday as the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region prepare for the biggest winter storm in many years. According to the warning issued by the Weather Service Department, several regions can expect up to two feet of snow, and travel can be dangerous in this situation.

Airlines Cancel More Than 1200 Flights Due To Winter Storm

According to the national weather service, heavy and wet snow is likely to affect the North East region, and this can also be accompanied by freezing rain and accumulation of ice in several regions. They have issued a strict warning for Travellers and ask them not to venture outside during the storm.

Airlines Cancel More Than 1200 Flights Due To Winter Storm

Several cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia can get more than one foot of snow, and the airports in the cities will have to cancel several flights during this week. The situation looks a little better in Washington, which may get only a few inches of snow, according to the weather reports. However, the international airport in this region has already canceled more than 100 flights for Wednesday and a few dozen flights for Thursday.

Considering the holiday season, many US Airlines have announced flight waivers that will cover travel on Wednesday and Thursday. The details with regards to the destinations covered along with dates and other information are available with the respective Airlines. It may vary by some margin depending on the airline and also on the intensity of the storm at the destination. Travelers can get more information in this regard by visiting the official websites of the airline companies.

If you have a non-refundable ticket, you may not be eligible for a refund unless the flight is canceled by the airline. However, most travelers can cancel their flight and receive credits towards future bookings with the Airlines. The changes to the reservation can be made online by visiting the official portals of the airline.

New York City is also expected to get up to 1 foot of snow during this week, and the international airport in this region has canceled more than 100 flights for both Wednesday and Thursday. The John F Kennedy International Airport has withdrawn more than 100 flights on Wednesday and more than 70 flights on Thursday.

Other regions like Philadelphia and North Carolina are not experiencing severe snowfall during the winter storm, and they have canceled only a few dozen flights for Thursday. Travelers have to make alternate arrangements and reschedule their holidays to avoid the storm. Several Airlines are proactively canceling flights as this will help them avoid stranded passengers and flights in the next few days. Many travelers who want to take the road may have to wait for a few more days till the situation gets back to normal.

The weather service department has issued a strict warning against road travel as heavy snowfall, and ice accumulation can make the condition dangerous in many regions. It is a good idea to wait for the next few days so that the authorities can get the roads back to running condition.

This has affected the travel plans of many people who wanted to enjoy the holidays with their parents and family members. Considering the pandemic situation, there is a huge rush for several travel destinations, and the winter storm has affected the industry in a big way.

According to weather reports, the storm is likely to slow down from Friday, and travelers can expect some relief during the weekend. If you want to travel by road, it is a good idea to wait till the weekend so that you can safely travel without any hassles.


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