Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and others – Meat, salad, ice cream and beer are more expensive in the supermarket – How to save money when grilling


Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and others: Meat, salad, ice cream and beer are more expensive in the supermarket – so you save when grilling

Sunny weather in Germany. The temperature will reach the 30 degree mark in many areas. That’s why many prefer to grill outside. If you want to stock up on grilled food, you have to dig deep into your pocket in the supermarket. Knowing online prices, Focus tells you what to pay for mustard, gravy, meat and other groceries.

Finally standing at the grill again with family and friends – and celebrating together. The high temperature creates ideal conditions for grilling.

When the weather cooperates, a frightening surprise lurks in the supermarket. Many barbecue products have become more expensive in the past few days.

What do I pay for grilled food in the supermarket?

Many groceries have become more expensive across the board in recent weeks. Barbecue fans have to shell out their pockets for meat, mustard, sauce, beer, vegetables and bread. Beef has been growing a lot lately, as have poultry and tomatoes.

Reeve boss Lionel Sook complained at the end of last year: “Never before has there been such a great demand for price increases from the industry this year.” And that was before the Ukraine war. Meanwhile, the situation for many manufacturers is likely to deteriorate significantly.

Focus has searched the internet for clues and it says what you now have to pay for grilling.

Sheesh kebab skewers Costs, for example, between 3.79 euros and eight euros. turkey steak They are the cheapest available from 2.79 euros pork meat From 2.59 euros. Good to know: they are cheap meat products at the discounter. You pay more at the butcher counter Reeve or Edeka. The price increase compared to the previous year is more than 30 percent.

Mustard Still costs between 29 cents (no name at the discount store) and 1.59 euros (e.g. from the Händlmaier brand). Prices have not increased in recent weeks. popular sauces For example, curry, barbecue or garlic cost a little more at the beginning of the barbecue season.

For this, consumers have to pay between 1.19 euros (for example) or 1.99 euros (for Heinz). Products from Edeka’s own brand “Papa Jose” are available for EUR 1.79. Last year, Papa Joe’s Curry Mango sauce cost 1.49 euros. Surcharge 20 percent. However, many Edeka branches currently have special offers.

the herb baguette At the end of December, refrigerated counters at Aldi Süd and Lidl cost 79 cents at the same time. Consumers now pay 89 cents for the popular grilled bread. Depending on the retailer, it costs between 99 cents and 1.19 euros for a herb baguette from brand manufacturer Magal.

Consumers need to get by in the fruit and veg department salad, tomato, cucumbers, pumpkin and paprika give a lot of money Case Study: For plum tomatoes You pay about three euros in a 250 g bowl, Mini Bell Tomatoes Available for 3.99 euros (400 g). one cucumber At an average of 99 cents, the organic cucumber is almost twice as expensive at 1.79 euros. iceberg lettuce Costs between 1.19 euros and 1.89 euros.

are cheap carrot, green onion, fresh onion and other seasonal vegetables. other than that Potato You currently have to pay more. The harvest was poor, which affected consumer prices. Nevertheless, it is more worthwhile to rely on potato salad – and to do without pasta salad for the time being. Homemade potato salad has become much cheaper now.

Pasta salads typically consist of mayonnaise, meatballs, pasta, peas, and canned corn. You have to pay up to 40 percent more for all these products in the supermarket.

  • Study the thing: organic pasta The own brands from Aldi and Lidl cost 1.19 euros. In January the price was still 79 cents.

Crisp have also become expensive. Whether branded or branded goods: Potato snacks have become up to 20 cents more expensive per bag.

other than that ice cream It went uphill quickly. Whether ice cream in a cone, in a cup or on a stick: consumers pay up to 60 cents more.

20. for the crate Beer Depending on the brand, consumers pay between 16.50 and 19 euros without a deposit. Beer has never been so expensive.

  • study the matterAvailable in: Baix Pills (20 x 0.5 L) in Reiwe for 16.99 euros and in Edeka Augustiner Lager Hell (20 x 0.5 L) for 17.49 euros.

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How can I save before grilling in the supermarket?

View offers in brochures, apps and branches. Especially at the beginning of the barbecue season, many retailers lure you in with offers for meat, sausage or barbecue sauce.

Keep multiple shopping lists. Make a shopping list for each market you plan to visit. Put there what you need and what you need for your pantry.

If you go shopping at the weekend, avoid the peak times between 11am and 4pm. The earlier you get to the supermarket, the better. You can still find full shelves, especially on Saturdays. The fruit and vegetable counter may be empty after midday.

However, from 6 p.m. there is a considerable percentage for leftovers. Vegetables that are close to their use-by date are then offered at a lower price.

Also pay attention to the label on the meat. From time to time you will find products that come close to their previous uses. Inventory is then often reduced by 30 to 50 percent. The disadvantage: Meat products have to be processed quickly. usually on the same day.

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