AMC Went To Hilarious Lengths To Sneak Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Onto Better Call Saul’s Set


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bryan Cranston spoke about his and Aaron Paul’s performance in the final season of Better Call Saul and the lengthy efforts AMC went to to hide the actors. The Breaking Bad alum recalled, “We were flown in. We were told that we cannot leave. So we were almost like witnesses in a protection program.” He continued, “[I] flew in, went to a private location at the airport, got off the plane and into a car, had to have a coat and hood over his head. They even gave us code names. I think we were Bert and Ernie.”

This type of extreme stealth should be familiar to fans of the Breaking Bad series, particularly the Netflix sequel El Camino, which picks up immediately after the events of the original series. Though Walter White dies at the end of “Breaking Bad,” the character is brought back into the film for a flashback sequence, which required a tremendous amount of secrecy (via The Hollywood Reporter). It appears that both Cranston and Paul’s roles in Better Call Saul won’t require a degree of subterfuge and obfuscation, as we already know about their appearances on the show. It should be entertaining to see these two characters tie into the final season of the Bob Odenkirk-led prequel series.

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