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American Rural Areas Are Deprived Of Doctors

American Rural Areas Are Deprived Of Doctors

According to the health day news, the health care system is now being hit severely in America and mainly in the rural areas of America where getting a doctor in the hospital has become a difficult task. Moreover, the situation for getting a bed for the treatment has become even worse.

American Rural Areas Are Deprived Of Doctors

It has been a decade since the number of hospitals has been vanishing in the rural areas of America due to financial reasons, and people are forced to travel a long distance just to find a hospital. Getting quality treatment is still rare in these areas. Due to the shortage of doctors all over America, the health care system is pathetic. People need to travel miles to find a doctor who may not be able to treat the patient efficiently.

American Rural Areas Are Deprived Of Doctors

According to Dr. Jacqueline Fincher, a professor at the American College of Physician, 21 percent of Americans are from rural areas, and only 10 percent of physicians are available to treat the patients. The lack of attention towards the well-being of the citizens had led to various consequences.

According to the report of the Health Affairs in 2019, people or rural areas have a hospitalization rate of around 40 percent, and the death rates have been increased drastically to 23 percent as compared to the urban areas of America.

According to Rick Pollack, president and CEO of the association of American Hospital claimed that more than 130 hospitals in the rural areas had closed since the year 2010, and more than 19 hospitals were closed in the year 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic.

There is a shortage of qualified doctors in America, which has affected the rural areas the most. The poverty-stricken Urban Areas are left to be deprived of doctors and hospitalization. By the year 2033, there will be a shortage of 139,000 physicians in America, according to a report.

Fincher said that the training method of the future doctors had choked them to be a part of the workforce of doctors and treat people. Residency programs were not expanded in the past few years, but medical schools expanded in the past decade.

Due to this, there are a greater number of medical students than residency. Moreover, the expenses of the college degree have deprived the rural areas of getting into this field. Internet connectivity has led to an issue, as the connectivity is very slow, which deprives them of learning from video and audio graphics that are needed for better communication for medical surveillance.

Now the efforts are being put to expand the residency in the rural areas, which can break the communication gap between the doctors and the patients. Appalachia, which is a rural state in America, recently initialized to build a residency program in which they recruited doctors for training and after that to work in different states of North Carolina.

Fincher added that to restore the health care system, various changes needs to be made on the ways of recruitment of doctors, which can provide health care assistance to the rural areas too.



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