Analyst says Apple has 2-3 year lead with M-series processors


The Mac renaissance takes center stage when it comes to market share of the Arm-based PC market.

A new report from Strategy Analytics estimates that the market for Arm-based mobile computing chips will grow 27% to $35.1 billion in 2021. According to the report, Qualcomm, Apple and MediaTek occupied the top three positions in revenue sharing.

Apple reportedly had 31% of the revenue share when looking at the entire Arm-based chip market, but things got even more impressive when you looked at the notebook market in particular. Shravan Kundojjala, author of the report and director of Handset Component Technologies Services at Strategy Analytics, said the company has a 90% revenue share of this market due to the success of the M-series processors.

“Apple has established itself as the distant leader in ARM-based notebook PC processors, accounting for nearly 90 percent of sales. Apple’s M-Series processor family set the benchmark, beating Apple of all other Arm-based PCs.” Processor Vendor. Qualcomm captured just 3 percent revenue share in ARM-based notebook PC processor market in 2021, lagging behind Apple in CPU performance. We continue to invest in processors. Given the company’s growing collection of high-performance processors, including CPUs, GPUs, AI, audio, imaging, connectivity, gaming and security, I believe ARM-based notebook PCs represent an attractive opportunity for Qualcomm.”

Apple has already launched several computers with its new M-series processors. In fact, the Mac Pro is the only computer to get its Arm-based processor, which will happen any day…every day.

The new M Series 13-inch MacBook Pro, which features the new M2 chip, is available for pre-order tomorrow.

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