ANTI CANCER FOODS: The Diet To Support You Fight The Cancer

On February 4th, the world cancer day was observed by the global initiative led by the union of international cancer control with the theme 2021,

On February 4th, the world cancer day was observed by the global initiative led by the union of international cancer control with the theme 2021,” TOGETHER ALL OUR ACTIONS MATTER,” which resembles our daily actions have an impact on everyone around the world. Cancer has been the leading chronic death in the recent past; according to the world health organization, approximately 1 out of every six individuals worldwide are dying due to cancer. Doctors around the world cite food habits being the potential reason behind the increasing number of cancer deaths. 

The Diet To Support You Fight The Cancer


An idea that inspires people to choose a healthier lifestyle and choosing foods that would enhance their immunity and avoid processed foods, mostly junky food, which would cause obesity and hence obesity is also one among the critical cause for loss of appetite and, in turn, lead to cancers. Oncologists often say that diet studies have contributed explicitly to making great realization among people about their food habits and how making more straightforward changes to their diets has improved their metabolism and immunity. Some primary foods play a direct impact, while some indirectly affect many introspect and know which foods are to be avoided. 

ANTI CANCER FOODS: The Diet To Support You Fight The Cancer


These foods amount a significant concern to chronic disorders they include:

  • foods that contain red meat, pork, beef, lamb, which contain Heterocyclic high amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons while cooking and exposed to higher temperatures
  • processed meats such as bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs it is observed that they contain nitrates, nitrites which could damage the cells in DNA and cause abnormal growth in the tissues
  • Drinking alcohol could lead to cancers related to the mouth, liver, throat, esophagus, breast, etc 


As said before, the major leading cause of cancer is an unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Consumption of high sugar and fatty foods could lead to two issues, chronic inflammation, and obesity which further give scope to cancer.

OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY: Due to obesity, the impact on the body 

  • circulation of insulin and hormones can stimulate cancer growth
  • cancers that fall under the ambit of obesity are breast, colon, 
  • rectum, endometrium, esophagus, pancreas, liver, and kidney

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION: Obesity and unhealthy foods cause chronic inflammation 


The American Institute of cancer research recommends a plant-based eating pattern covering different micronutrients and probiotics with plant foods such as vegetables, legumes, and grains filling about two-thirds of your plate. The diet can also include moderate amounts of animal-based foods, as they would help enhance an individual’s daily protein intake. 

· A vegetable diet with or without dairy products

· A deist that includes poultry and fish 

· Unprocessed foods are recommended (the more colour, the better)

· Legumes such as beans or lentils

· Lean proteins such as fish

· Plant-based oils

· Low-fat dairy foods


· Start buying healthier foods. Get fresh produce, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains so you can have real (not processed) foods available when you’re hungry.

· Pay attention to food labels. Reduce the intake of sugary diets

· Use healthier cooking methods. Prepare foods by baking, broiling, or poaching in hygienic conditions than frying

· Stay hydrated. “Consume water rather than sweetened beverages,” Hively recommends.

· Avoid or limit alcohol consumption. Not more than one drink per day for women and men

All aspects of a healthy lifestyle work together and give you a better chance at warding off cancer. “There is no one thing,” Shepard says. “It’s all about balance.” Commit to creating a cancer-free world.


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