Anti-Smoking Campaigns Should Be Resumed For Pregnant Women

Anti-Smoking Campaigns Should Be Resumed For Pregnant Women

A new research guides that “smoking mothers should have a strict follow-up to quit smoking” they should continue the anti-smoking procedure even after the baby is born.  

Anti-Smoking Campaigns Should Be Resumed For Pregnant Women

Researchers state that “women who are having first pregnancy will have likely chances to get second pregnancy to stay healthy and keep the baby healthy, smoking must be avoided to reduce the future risks on pattern births.

The research shows that the habit of smoking among a woman who is pregnant can have evil effects on the child in the womb. It may develop neurological or other health disorders due to the smoking habit of the mother and hence one must quit the same before being pregnant.

Curtin University had stated that “substantially quitting smoking is the quite hard but slower reduction of smoking is must and should for every smoking mother at the earliest”

According to the reports examined by the researchers, there are several studies and their histories are nearly 23 years old, where 63,540 women from different areas are reported with 2 children and more with smoking habits. Those women have existed with smoking during first and other pregnancies.

Gavin Pereira is the lead researcher of this study stated that “one-third of women and more are reported with smoking habit during their pregnancy period and didn’t stop the smoking for next pregnancy”. 

Researchers say that our findings result with 30 percent of mother smokers who had quitted smoking for their first pregnancy and second pregnancy are quite achievable. On an important note, this theory has reduced the risk of early births with subsequent pregnancies by 26 percent.

Professor Pereira state that “benefits from the quit of smoking is reported with reduced risk for unborn babies and born with good health” these factors are well-established and less understood for prevalence on maintenance of smoke quit.

On an additional note, she said that “smoke quitting during first pregnancy will send the message for next pregnancy which associates the higher risks for pre-term births”. This is the study theory researchers are looking for.

Researchers will always try to address the exact problem; in this case study, they are succeeded to find the associated risks of smoking during pregnancy. 

Investigators raised the question that “will there any positive outcomes which carry the significant messages to support the smoking women during their pregnancy period” this point clarifies with the help of the study outlook.

Pereira said that “he was very much concerned about the women who are reported with a regular smoking habit during the pregnancy”

According to a recent survey, the latest figures are out that 75 percent of women are identified as smokers who continued the habit after the span of 20 weeks when they are pregnant. 

On this note, the second trimester is identified to be vital for unborn babies with incomplete formation and growth where organs are still on a continuity process for development. Kidneys, liver, and pancreas are also continued to start functioning. 

According to the survey doctors stated that “unborn babies will start their routine by hearing sounds like; mother’s heartbeat and their words”.

Lead professor warns that smoking will cut down the oxygen for unborn babies in the stomach which literally exposes them to the risk of cancer. This process will delay the development of baby growth. 

On the terminate note, researchers say suggest that to avoid incomplete baby growth quit smoking during and after the pregnancy to reduce the complications for the baby as well as for the mother. “Quitting the smoke will be the safest option ever,” said the author of this study.

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