Are You Still holding Out Hope? See The “No Game No Life Season 2” Special Announcement


Are you eagerly awaiting the second season of No Game No Life? The release date of the second season is the subject of numerous rumors and hoaxes. Many media channels made false promises of release dates. But the fact is that No Game No Life does not give any official information about the release date.

The “No Game No Life Season 2” Special Announcement

However, No Game No Life has made another official special announcement. You may find out more about the official announcement by


reading the following parts. It is our understanding that you will not be able to wait to learn more about the second season of No Game, No Life. Here we go, without further ado!

Possibilities Of No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life’s second season may be possible, according to reliable sources. This project appears to be in full swing, even if no formal confirmation has been made public by the designers. “Monthly Comic Alive,” a well-known magazine, recently declared that a special announcement about No Game No Life would be made within a month.

For the time being, everyone will have to wait a whole month to find out what the actual announcement is all about. According to recent rumors, the anime “plagiarizing” difficulties have canceled No Game No Life.

It’s not true. Even after the plagiarism issues of No Game No Life were resolved, there are still numerous episodes and variations of the game. In light of the fact that the series will not print a new volume until after the publication of volume 10, many viewers fell for this hoax in 2018.

Later, it’s revealed that the author himself took the break owing to health difficulties. There are no issues with the release of No Game, No Life, thus there are no worries. As a result, the release date for No Game No Life Season 2 should be announced very soon.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of No Game No Life has not yet been announced by the game’s publisher. The premiere of the first season aired on January 1, 2001. The first episode aired on April 9, 2014, and the last one aired on June 25, 2014. No Game No Life: Zero, a prequel film by the series’ creators, was released in advance of season 2. It was released in 2017 for this picture. So there is yet hope for the second season of the anime.

The Cast And Characters Of No Game, No Life 2

It is predicted that the major characters from the first season will return for the second season of No Game No Life. You may check out a few stars and cast members below, who will be back for the upcoming season!

Sora- Yoshitsugu Matsuoka 

Shiro- Ai Kayano

Stephanie Dola – Youko Hikasa 

Jibril- Yukari Tamura 

Tet- Rie Kugimiya 




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