Ayumu Hirano Made Olympic History: The Controversial Judgment In Snowboarding Halfpipe Final; Ayumu Hirano Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Personal Life, Height And Weight


Ayumu Hirano Made Olympic History: The Controversial Judgment In Snowboarding Halfpipe Final; Ayumu Hirano Bio, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Personal Life, Height And Weight. Ayumu Hirano mastered new tricks when he landed three corks to make it the first triple cork at any time in Olympic History. He was awarded an Olympic Gold medal for the halfpipe in 2022’s Winter Olympics held in Beijing following the controversial decision. 

He scored only 91.75 during his second successful race, in which he executed his triple cork landing, which was never seen before previously in Olympic history. The judges however awarded the first prize to Scotty James from Australia with the score of 92.50.

Ayumu Hirano pushed the judges and performed the three flips that he did in a twitch while grasping the board. He was awarded the gold medal at the halfpipe competition for snowboarders of all ages. 

Thus, Hirano was the very first Japanese athlete to win gold medal in skiing in the Winter Olympics. It is also believed to be the first person in japan who was awarded the Olympic medals in three consecutive winter games.

Today, fans of sports are seeking out more information about Ayumu Hirano’s life. Ayumu Hirano. These sections will let you learn more about Ayumu Hirano’s personal life career, relationship and Height, Net Worth, and much more.

Ayumu Hirano Personal Life

Ayumu Hirano, a famous skateboarder, snowboarder and snowboarder was born on the 29th of November 1998 in a city called Murakami, Niigata, Japan. 

Ayumu began his journey together with the help of his dad Hidenori Hirano and mom Tomiko Hirano. The brother Kaishu Hirano, too is a well-known Japanese snowboarder. 

Ayumu Hirano

He is known as Ayumu literally signifies “walk the path of dreams” and he’s taking this theme into his entire life. He’s 23 years old currently as well. His Zodiac symbol is Sagittarius.

Ayumu Hirano Career

Three-time Olympic medalist in snowboarding and Olympic skateboarder first started skating at the age 4 following the example of his older brother Kaishu Hirano. He began snowboarding in the middle of a year. His first skateboarding team consisted of “e-Yume kids” in the Nihonkai Skate Park. He was a part of many events in this group.

While he was keen on Half-pipe snowboarding there wasn’t any half-pipe in the vicinity of his home. His father took his son for a visit to Yokone the ski area situated in Yamagata Prefecture in which Japan’s first ever permanent halfpipe is located. 

Burton is among the top snowboarding brands has a close relationship and Ayumu Hirano and they’ve been patronizing Hirano since the time of his childhood.

In 2011 that he won his first major event, the Burton US Junior Open which is considered to be his first international snowboarding triumph. He was however not allowed to participate in the open portion of the competition due to his age of 12 years old. However, Ayumu Hirano impressed the crowd with his incredible amplitude. 

After a year the event, he got invited to participate in The Burton High Fives to participate in the open competition. 2013 was the year he took part during the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, which is the largest non-Olympic snowboarding stage. He was awarded silver at the contest. 

It was the first person to win an award of Halfpipe World Tour Champion by taking first place in Burton European Open. Burton European Open, Second place at the Burton US Open, and Third place during the Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Hirano was awarded silver at each of the 2018 and 2014 Winter Olympics. At his 2021 Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Hirano landed the very first triple cork ever in the history of halfpipe racing. He was awarded the gold medal in the halfpipe event after re-creating this triple cork landing only the second time at the Olympics.

Ayumu Hirano Relationship

According to the statistics, Ayumu Hirano has no girlfriend, and isn’t looking to date anyone. The moment he’s enjoying his private life and there isn’t much information about his relationship status.

Ayumu Hirano Net Worth

Ayumu Hirano is regarded as one of the top snowboarders. His main income comes from skateboarding and snowboarding. According to the research, Ayumu Hirano’s Net Worth is around 1.5 million.

Ayumu Hirano Height And Weight

The snowboarder who won the Olympics Ayumu Hirano is 5′ 5″ and weighs 50kg.


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