Becki Newton On The Joy Of Working With Neve Campbell On The Lincoln Lawyer And Her Dream Co-Star


Becki Newton shared that she is a long-time Neve Campbell fan and excited for the opportunity to work with her on the set of The Lincoln Lawyer. “That was one of my favorite days of shooting,” Newton recalled. “I even think it was my first day. … I’ve always been a fan of Neve. I couldn’t believe I got to work with her.” Newton described the scene where Lorna and Maggie both stood awkwardly talking about Mickey and how Campbell gave her a spin. “Neve immediately said to the director, ‘I don’t want it to be about two women nagging each other. I want it to be about two women trying to help Mickey.’ She immediately didn’t want the dynamic to be two ex-wives having a problem with each other. She wanted it to be more complex and smarter.”

Newton said she appreciated Campbell’s ability to articulate a goal that elevates the scene beyond what it could have been. “I was so thankful that Neve had put so much thought into it because I think it’s a lot more interesting to have these ex-wives who are able to communicate, talk about what’s best for Mickey, to talk about what’s best for Mickey’s daughter. and all with good intentions, as opposed to cat fights.”

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