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The Benefits Of Vaccine Hunting: Leave The Rumors Aside

The Benefits Of Vaccine Hunting: Leave The Rumors Aside

The entire year 2020 went by in the hope of the augment of COVID-19 vaccines. We were desperately waiting for the injection with excitement and optimism, and we were aware of how difficult it would be to have every single being on the globe get access to it. 

As each day, more people of varying age groups or job profiles are becoming eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, more people are facing difficulty in getting an appointment. It may be a struggle to get one and when you do, it’s a lot of effort to track one down.

The Benefits Of Vaccine Hunting: Leave The Rumors Aside

That’s why we have explored the benefit of benevolence and philanthropy where we are on the hunt for co-workers and random people on social media who are desperate to find a coveted vaccine appointment. We help them out get their much-desired appointment and it makes us smile to put a smile on their faces and end their struggle.

The Benefits Of Vaccine Hunting: Leave The Rumors Aside

There are social groups formed on the internet which are called the “vaccine angels” or “vaccine hunters,”. These appear online as guides and friends who help others to share information about how and when they can get the vaccination or find spots where it is happening. There are discussion pages like the “vaccine sleuths” in the newsroom where people share experiences and tips on how they can get an appointment for the vaccine.

After a striving year of desolation, division, and distancing, there is so much bliss in enabling and empowering people with the much-needed information about the vaccine and helping them get one for themselves and their family members. It may sound dramatic, but it is really happening, and it’s true.

There are so many misconceptions and rumors about the vaccine, but these social media pages and groups along with media publicity through print news, the significance of the vaccine is duly highlighted. People are sharing their experiences, tips, techniques, and tricks to get to the upside of the vaccine.

The Vaccine excitement is real, and it instills hope in us that one day, things will be better and back to normal soon. COVID-19 has taken so much away from us, but we need to put things back in place starting from getting vaccinated. There are so many people who are keen to talk about their feelings after they got their shots and their feeling of joy, excitement, and relief is surely contagious.

Here is an excerpt: 

Will Trodd, 47, was extremely excited about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and was desperately looking forward to getting it done. He had to fly to Spain to visit his daughter who was stranded there during the whole year and wanted to get his first shot to fly down and meet his daughter.

“We were so excited about getting the vaccine, but when only my turn came, my wife was a bit disappointed. We regularly got our COVID-19 tests done and even thought of visiting our daughter during the pandemic, but the scare was huge. We decided to wait for the vaccine.”

Will Trodd said, “But when I got my call, I could hold back my excitement and fervor. I reached the site almost 2 hours before my appointment and was keen on getting a response from patients who were done with it.” He added, “I have been regularly checking reviews and feedback on the people who have been injected and I was going through a mixed feeling as I saw both pros and cons of the vaccination. Never heard of a side effect though!”

After receiving the second dose, Will Trodd, couldn’t hold himself anymore and flew down to Spain to meet his darling daughter. Although his wife only got the first shot till then, he was satisfied with the results and he was feeling quite fit to leave the country to meet his daughter.

The couple shared videos and pictures on social media platforms and left great reviews about how they feel after being vaccinated. “It’s like a liberation and a feeling of optimism that now we are finally free to be normal human beings.”, he said. Although the risk has not completely been eliminated the vaccine really comes as a savior and a smile-spread.



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