Better Leaders Better Schools Introduces Principal Coaching to Elevate Leadership and Transform Educational Institutions

Ever looked at a school principal and thought, “What magic do they weave?” Principals, after all, are the beating heart of the school. But recently, the weight of expectations has grown. From elevating student scores to crafting inspired school cultures, today’s principals are more like superheroes, soaring in the vast skies of educational change. But even superheroes sometimes need guidance. Enter the world of principal coaching.

For the uninitiated, principal coaching isn’t just another buzzword in the educational sector. Imagine an old hand, a seasoned educator, leaning in and whispering nuggets of wisdom to an eager principal. This isn’t about boring seminars or tedious workshops. It’s about fine-tuning leadership with a personalized touch. It’s about challenging, reflecting, strategizing, and evolving.

The Need for Coaching

Wondering if this is just a fad? The Learning Policy Institute would beg to differ. Their research links effective principal coaching with spikes in student achievement. And let’s face it, our dear principals are juggling more than just timetables and assemblies. Their roles encompass curricula, school culture, student learning, teacher relations, and, yes, that surprise fire drill. A tailored coaching session offers them a space to breathe, think deeply, reflect, and hone their skills.

However, the challenges principals face are vast. From managing curricula and ensuring smooth instruction to overseeing school culture and maintaining relationships with teachers, the list goes on. This is where executive coaching or principal coaching steps in, offering school leaders a coaching session and a structured space for deep thinking, self-reflection, practice and skill development.

The Better Leaders Better Schools (BLBS) Mastermind Coaching

If you’re looking for a touch of magic, BLBS has brewed the perfect potion. But what sets BLBS Mastermind apart? The blend of commitment, community, and philosophy. And the cherry on top? You aren’t just a name on a roster. You are chosen. You are special. It’s about evolving together, tackling challenges, and heralding a new dawn in education.

The Mastermind’s Vision

For many school leaders, traditional professional development (PD) falls short—it’s often insufficient, irrelevant, or disconnected. This is where the Better Leaders Better Schools Mastermind curriculum redefines the PD narrative. It promises Relevant, Responsive, and Results-Oriented Professional Development™:

  • Relevant: The Mastermind focuses on current educational trends and potential future challenges.

  • Responsive: It meets you where you are, helping you tackle your most pressing challenge each week.

  • Results-Oriented: The emphasis is on applying what’s taught; otherwise, it’s time wasted.

We’ve all been there. Those professional development sessions that feel like they’re stuck in the ’80s. BLBS turns the table. Think relevant, think responsive, think results. They believe in the ABCs of professional learning and growth: Authenticity, Belonging, Challenge. The result? An experience that doesn’t just check a box but transforms you.

To truly understand the depth and value of the Mastermind, potential members are encouraged to read Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader. It provides a detailed look into the Mastermind team’s offerings. Additionally, the podcast frequently features Mastermind members sharing their personal experiences and stories, offering another lens through which prospective members can understand the group’s ethos.

Principal Coaching at BLBS: A Revolution in Educational Leadership


Have you ever been handed a manual on how to become an effective coaching exceptional school principal? Chances are, you haven’t. Just like many of the world’s most significant roles, there isn’t a singular path that guarantees success. Enter BLBS — a unique movement that’s changing the narrative on how principals and school leaders are nurtured, coached, developed, and empowered.

Better Leaders Better Schools: More Than Just a Coaching Hub

Ever felt lost in a sea of faces during a training session? That’s not the BLBS way. Here, each leadership coaching conversation is a ticket to a world where your needs are front and center. It’s intimate, it’s personal, and oh boy, is it transformative! Just ask Nick, a principal and instructional coach from Virginia. His words? BLBS reminds you that “we’re better together.”

The BLBS Mastermind Approach

For those newly introduced to Better Leaders Better Schools, the term ‘Mastermind’ is not just a buzzword. It encapsulates a philosophy, a community, and a commitment. BLBS doesn’t merely offer traditional executive coaching and instructional leadership support; it brings together a global community of like-minded school leaders in an intimate setting where growth is not just encouraged — it’s inevitable.

The Ruckus Maker Mastermind program stands as a testament to BLBS’s innovative approach to teaching. Offering Relevant, Responsive, and Results-Oriented Professional Development, this program directly addresses current challenges in education and helps school and district leaders anticipate future hurdles.

It’s Personal and Professional

What distinguishes Better Leaders Better Schools’s coaching model? Personalization. Unlike many other professional development programs, BLBS values the individual. As a member, you’re not another face in the crowd. You are handpicked, your challenges are understood, your coaching conversation and solutions are tailor-made for you.

The testimonials of BLBS members shed light on its transformative power. For many, this coaching model has shattered feelings of isolation in leadership. As Nick, a principal from Virginia, eloquently puts it, the Mastermind teachings and coaches make it clear that “we’re better together.” By participating in a full leadership coaching community, one feels energized, supported, and equipped to take on risks and be vulnerable.

Beyond The Book Studies

Sure, reading about leadership is cool. But what’s cooler? Applying it!

Better Leaders Better Schools offers a delightful mix of leadership exercises, interactive group meetings, and an optional dash of online community magic. The mission? Equipping school leaders with real-world tools.

While leadership reading is a cornerstone of the BLBS approach, it’s the applied learning that truly stands out. The weekly commitments include engaging in leadership exercises, participating in group meetings, and optional involvement in their private online community. This blend of theoretical knowledge with real-world application ensures that school leaders, be it principals or assistant principals, walk away with actionable tools and strategies to implement in their respective various districts and institutions.

The Value Proposition

One might wonder, what’s the price tag for such an invaluable experience? At $350/month, Better Leaders Better SchoolsMastermind offers an investment in one full school year’s leadership journey. Many members have found the value proposition unbeatable, with numerous members investing out-of-pocket or using school/district funds.

Is the Investment Worth It?

The short answer is a resounding yes. At $350/month, the Mastermind offers an unparalleled value. Many members either invest from their pockets or utilize school/district funds. The unanimous feedback, however, centers around one thing: breaking the leadership isolation. Principal Nick from Virginia attests to the empowering atmosphere of the Mastermind, highlighting the benefits of taking risks, the strength in vulnerability, and the energizing feeling of being part of a leadership community.

The Takeaway

The world of education is evolving, and so should we develop our school leaders. Better Leaders Better Schools’s approach to principal coaching brings forward a fresh, invigorating take on leadership development. Whether you’re a seasoned principal or an emerging leader, consider this: How can you take develop your leadership skills to the next level? BLBS might just have the answer.

If principal coaching is the ship navigating the stormy seas of education, then Better Leaders Better Schools is the lighthouse guiding the way. Their Mastermind Coaching program isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. No, it’s much more than that. It’s a bespoke learning journey tailored to each leader’s unique needs.

In the grand tapestry of education, principals are the threads that bring everything together. As the educational landscape shifts, it’s crucial for these threads to be robust, resilient, and ready.

BLBS doesn’t just offer coaching; it offers a transformation. A metamorphosis from being a good principal to an outstanding leader. And in this ever-evolving world, isn’t that what we need?

For those who are intrigued, taking the first step is simple. Apply, share your story, and join a community that believes in bettering leaders for the successful future of our country and schools. Because after all, as BLBS believes — the path to effective leadership is never walked alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you coach a school principal?

Coaching a school principal involves a structured, yet flexible approach that is tailored to the individual needs and context of the principal. The process begins with understanding the principal’s goals, challenges, and areas of strength. Through a series of one on one coaching sessions, the principal coach relationship and the principal engage in reflective conversations, deep thinking, and strategizing. The coach provides feedback, shares resources, and offers insights to guide the principal towards effective leadership practices. This relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, and a shared commitment to all school improvement initiatives.

2. What is the role of a principal mentor?

A principal mentor serves as a guide, supporter, and advisor for current or aspiring principals. They typically have experience in school leadership and provide insights based on their own journey and knowledge. Their role involves sharing experiences, offering advice, helping the principal navigate challenges, and providing feedback on leadership practices. They foster professional growth and assist the principal in enhancing their leadership skills to benefit their school community.

3. What are coaching principles?

Coaching principles are the foundational beliefs and guidelines that shape the coaching and improve teaching process. They include:

  • Building a relationship based on trust and respect.
  • Ensuring confidentiality in all coaching conversations.
  • Providing non-judgmental feedback and support.
  • Empowering the coachee to find their solutions and strategies.
  • Encouraging self-reflection and deep thinking.
  • Being committed to the professional growth and success of the coachee.

4. What is a leadership coach in education?

A leadership coach in education specializes in supporting educational leaders at district level, such as principals, assistant principals, and district leaders, in their professional journey. Their focus is on enhancing leadership skills, practices, and strategies that lead to school improvement and student success. They provide insights, resources, and feedback to help leaders navigate the complexities of the education system, make informed decisions, establish and foster a positive learning environment for both teachers and students.

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