Biden Administration Made Preparations For Another Pandemic


The Biden administration unveiled a proposal on Friday to change the nation’s capacity to react to significant biological threats, citing the potential of another catastrophic epidemic as justification. As terrifying as the COVID-19 epidemic has been, experts warn that the next one will be considerably different and perhaps much worse in terms of severity.

Eric Lander, head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, said that improved capabilities are required since there is a fair chance that another major pandemic, perhaps worse than COVID-19, would emerge soon, possibly even within the next decade.

Biden Administration Made Preparations For Another Pandemic

Mr. Lander likened the scale and severity of the administration’s $65.3 billion plan to that of the Apollo Program, which was established to put a man on the moon. An estimated more than one-third of the total cost would be spent on vaccine research and delivery infrastructure.

Deputy Secretary Lander expressed optimism that legislators would include an initial $15 billion in the $3.5 trillion spending plan that Democrats want to enact this autumn to extend the social safety net, combat climate change, and other initiatives.

Biden Administration Made Preparations For Another Pandemic

The country must be better equipped for biological threats. Whether they are caused by naturally occurring illnesses, laboratory mishaps, or intentional acts of bio-warfare, authorities warned as the coronavirus pandemic continues to be battled.

According to Beth Cameron, the National Security Council’s senior director for global health & biodefense, they believed it was critical to get started on this soon after the meeting. According to the plan, the arsenal of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics will be dramatically expanded. Additionally, public health systems in the United States and abroad will be strengthened.

The United States will also be better able to manufacture protective gear and other critical supplies, as well as improve early detection of pandemic threats.

Putting in place a centralized “mission control” to be in command of a multi-agency operation that would rely on various federal agencies is being considered. Lander said that the United States must not just prepare for the growing frequency of biological threats by expanding stocks.

Still, it must also enhance the research and technology available to react to such threats, as well. He said that they must have much improved skills five years after that. In the event of a future pandemic, individuals should not be required to drive to a CVS in order to be tested.

Tests may be made more affordable and accessible, including the possibility to administer them on a regular basis at home.

According to the government, biological dangers are becoming more prevalent for a variety of reasons. Because of population increase, climate change, habitat loss, and human behavior, infectious illnesses are spreading from animals to humans at a higher rate than ever before.

Diseases spread more quickly after they have been transmitted, and worldwide travel is becoming more common. There are more labs handling hazardous diseases throughout the globe, in part as a reaction to the heightened potential of a pandemic outbreak.

The likelihood of an unintentional escape increases as a result. The advancement of technology, which renders biological weapons more potent, cheap, and accessible, also provides possibilities for unscrupulous actors to use them for malicious purposes.


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