Biden Administration To Continue With The Migration Policy: Migrants At Border To Be Turned Around

Jen Psaki, press secretary to the Biden Administration indicated to continue with a migration order from Trump’s time with no plans to rescind.

The order required to immediately turn away any migrant trying to cross over the Borders.

Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that the Border agents are directed to continue with the immigration order. They will continue to turn away migrants at the Southern border. The administration can immediately expel people trying to illegally cross the border. The order was passed by the Trump Administration.

Biden Administration To Continue With The Migration Policy

Many advocates are trying to push the Biden Administration to rescind the Trump-era order. But it appears from Psaki’s comments that the current government is going to stick with the order for a while and they don’t even show an intention to do so in the future as well. 

Though last week Biden has ordered the centers of drug and disease control to go through the policy and review, but it is left in place and no further action is yet taken.

Biden Administration To Continue With The Migration Policy

The migrants are even repeatedly warned by the Biden Administration not to travel to the border or try to cross it.

Psaki clarified in a statement that as a new administration they didn’t get enough time to actually a humane and comprehensive process that can be carried out for processing the individuals coming to the border. Even with the ongoing pandemic the risk of allowing the illegal immigrants is quite high. The fact that they are not yet prepared to handle the issue in a proper and dignified manner, a vast majority of the illegal immigrants trying to reach the border are being turned away.

In March 2020, the CDC directed the border authorities to directly expel the migrants from the border. The usual procedure of processing and detaining them at the immigration facility was put to a hold due to the risk of spread of the pandemic.

The Trump administration gave the orders as a precautionary step for public health safety. By preventing the immigration and limiting the detainees in the facility the disease was contained. The Trump administration said that the policy to turn away the migrants at the border instead of crowding them in the immigration facility was a necessary step for public safety.

However, according to multiple reports, the policy was not initiated by any health authority. The order came directly from the White House. The CDC doctor didn’t immediately follow the order and refused to release any such statement as there was no valid public health reason at that time to take such a step. 

The former vice president Mike Pence had to intervene in the matter and forced the CDC director Robert Renfield to comply with the orders. 

With the order passed by the CDC, all the asylum requests were put on a halt at the border. Even the normal immigration process was halted after that.

Since the start of the new policy, there are around 380,000 expulsions made by the border agents. This includes the migrants that tried to cross the border illegally more than once. The multiple attempts made by some immigrants were not considered as an issue that requires to put them in immigration facilities. 

Although Biden had said to undo many of the Trump administration’s most controversial orders and policies, this order is still in place and no steps are yet taken to withdraw the order. Only a few of the policies issued by the previous Government have been reversed. 

Last week, a slate of immigration-related executive actions were issued last week by President Biden. But the orders were to review the policy and not to rescind it. 

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