Biden And Harris To Campaign In Georgia Before Senate Race


President-elect Joe Biden is all set to campaign in Georgia ahead of the senate race next week. Along with him, Kamala Harris is also likely to give a final push to the election campaigns in Georgia. While Biden is planning to campaign in Atlanta on Monday, Harris is likely to travel to Savannah on Sunday. This is the second time both the prominent leaders from the Democratic party are visiting Georgia to support Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to win the Senate race.

Even Donald Trump is set to travel to Georgia on Monday, and he will be visiting Dalton to campaign for Republican candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. In the last few months, Trump tried his best to overturn the election results in Georgia. However, he failed to convince the courts as the legal team of the President was not able to provide evidence about their claims of fraudulent activities during elections.

Biden And Harris To Campaign In Georgia Before Senate Race

The senate elections have become interesting as the final race will indicate who takes charge of the Senate in the near future. Biden has taken full advantage of the efforts made by the Trump campaign to nullify the election results in Georgia. He said that both the Republican candidates stood by the side of Trump when he tried to negate the public mandate in Georgia during the presidential elections in November. Biden asked Georgians to cast their votes after considering all these factors as this will also help them to gain control over the Senate.

Biden And Harris To Campaign In Georgia Before Senate Race

Biden also urged that a win for the two Democratic candidates in Georgia will mean that Democrats will gain control over the Senate, and this will help his administration to help the people of Georgia in the future. He said that the decisions of people in Georgia would change their lives. Even former President Barack Obama campaigned at a virtual rally and said that the Georgia elections would determine the course of the Biden presidency.

Biden is the first democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia since Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992. The success of Biden is attributed to the rise in Latino and African American population in recent years in Georgia. The diverse constituency has become an advantage for the democrats as the new voters have favored Biden than Trump in the recent elections. It would be interesting to see if the same thing can be repeated in the Senate race next week.

According to campaign officials, the Biden team has invested close to $5 million in these elections. Several dozens of staffers and analytics apart from tech staffers were sent to the state to organize the campaigns. The team has reached out to several community leaders and established contact with local voters. They have even focused on new voter registration, and the official data indicates that thousands of voters have registered after the recent presidential elections. Experts say that this will become a huge advantage for Biden in the senate elections next week as the new voters are likely to favor the Democrats in the long run.

This is an interesting battle as the party that wins in this election will take control over the Senate. According to political analysts, if the democrats were to take control over the Senate, it will help them to implement new rules easily as they will have the majority in the Senate. On the other hand, if the Republicans control the Senate, passing bills will become a huge hurdle for Biden, and he will have to slow down the work or depend on executive orders like Trump. In this manner, the senate race has become an exciting affair for the entire country.


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