Biden Calls For More Direct Cash To Americans In New Stimulus Package


Joe Biden has proposed additional stimulus measures and plans to provide more direct cash to American households. The Biden administration plans to provide an additional amount of $1400 to take the total payment to $2000. This was the initial amount proposed by the democrats, and even Donald Trump supported the move during the last few weeks.

Biden’s team said that the additional $1400 stimulus amount for the Americans would help them to manage the regular expenses, and this would also help the local businesses as people would spend them in their communities. In this manner, it would also help to stimulate the economy by some margin in the near future.

Biden Calls For More Direct Cash To Americans In New Stimulus Package

Even though Trump asked lawmakers to increase the $600 stimulus check amount to $2000, it was opposed by several republicans as it would add to the national debt.

The package proposed by Biden also includes expanded unemployment benefits, which will help millions of Americans to recover from the financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from that, the administration also plans to provide good support to boost the vaccination program in the next few weeks. Experts are of the opinion that several states are struggling with a lack of finances to administer the vaccines to millions of Americans. Considering this situation, it makes a lot of sense to provide good support to the mass vaccination program.

Biden Calls For More Direct Cash To Americans In New Stimulus Package

In this manner, the Federal government would be able to vaccinate more numbers of people within a short duration of time. This would reduce the burden on hospitals across the country as they are overflowing with covid patients in recent weeks.

The Biden administration is also planning for a federal minimum wage hike in the stimulus package. According to experts, this is likely to cost around $1.9 trillion for the government. According to political analysts, democrats would be able to pass some of the measures even if they are not able to get support from the republicans. In that situation, the democrats are likely to use the Fast-track budget reconciliation process, which only requires a simple majority.

Even though stimulus check eligibility requirements were not mentioned in a specific manner, many people believe that the qualification would be extended to adult dependents across the country.

The stimulus package went through several hurdles in recent weeks. The Republicans opposed the initial proposal of $2000. They agreed for $600, and it was initially passed by the lawmakers. However, Trump later rejected the bill and said that it was very less and wanted to increase it to $2000. This became an embarrassing point for several republicans as they had argued against the $2000 relief package.

The Biden team had promised that they would consider this as a priority once they take charge of the office. They now want to provide $2000 aid as millions of Americans are in a very bad situation due to the jobless problems and slow growth of the economy in recent months. Apart from the regular package, the administration is also focusing on drastically improving the vaccination program in the next few weeks.

The Trump administration has been criticized by many people as they are not able to vaccinate a large number of people since last month. The federal government had initially promised that they would vaccinate close to 20 million people by the end of December 2020. However, even in the second week of January, the figure has not crossed 10 million.

The Biden administration wants to speed up the process by allocating more funds to the vaccination program. In this manner, the pandemic can be brought under control in the next few months.


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