Biden Government And The Reversal Of Executive Orders


Ever since President Joe Biden has taken charge, many executive orders and memorandums are signed. While most actions were taken to check the spread of coronavirus, a few have dismantled many policies that were in action during former President Donald Trump’s office.

While a few of the executive orders from the former administration can be reversed or undone just with a signature, a lot many are either irreversible or may require to restart the process of rule-making, which can take a lot of time. But still, the Biden administration has taken many steps for the reversal of many Trump’s previous executive orders, especially those related to the environment. 

Biden Government And The Reversal Of Executive Orders

The new actions taken by the Biden government are related to the pandemic. To keep the work going at federal properties while simultaneously preventing the pandemic, President Biden has passed an order to wear a mask at workplaces. All the guidelines shared by the WHO to keep a check on the spread of coronavirus need to be followed by the workers. While ramping vaccine supply to control covid-19, President Biden also has made it compulsory to present a negative covid-19 test report for International travelers prior to schedule any travel to the US.

Biden Government And The Reversal Of Executive Orders

A lot other executive steps include reversal of previous executive orders.

Among many executive orders that are signed by President Biden, one includes halting of capital to fund the border wall proposed by former President Trump. President Biden has also reverted the order that restricts travel to the US, especially for passport holders from Muslim countries. 

One more move that has reversed a previous government’s previous order is regarding the ban for transgenders to join the American military forces. 

In another reversal of an order from Trump’s administration, the Whitehouse has passed an order to restore collective bargaining power and the worker protection policy of the federal workers. President Biden has also laid the foundation of a $15 minimum wage.

The present Biden administration also reverts the move taken by former President Trump to withdraw the funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) over the “poor” handling of the pandemic situation. Dr Anthony Fauci is named as the head of the delegation to WHO.

President Biden has taken a responsible step to rejoin the Paris climate accord. The US has ceased any participation in the Paris climate accord since 2017 by the Trump government’s official action. The former Trump administration had taken the step citing that such participation is not in the US economy’s interest and put the nation at a permanent disadvantage. Now that the current government has reversed the orders, it will take around 30 days to implement the action successfully. 

The TC energy corporation’s permit for the fourth phase of the Keystone XL pipeline is canceled in another reversal order. Keystone XL pipelines is an oil pipeline system in Canada and the US. The agencies are also asked to review and reverse a little more than 100 orders related to the environment that were passed by the Trump government.

President Biden has also rescinded the Trump administration’s 1776 commission for the so-called “patriotic education” that was established just two days before the end of his office term. The agencies are directed to review the orders to ensure racial equity. 

 The expansion of the immigration enforcement bill was also undone. The previous Trump administration expanded this to check the illegal migrants. 

This government has also undone Trump’s regulatory approval process while directing the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to modernize the regulatory review. 

The Biden administration was prepared to take some bold but important decisions to halt, delay, or even undo many of Trump’s damaging midnight regulations. 


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