Biden-Harris New Covid-19 Strategy Crucial For A Better America

Biden-Harris New Covid-19 Strategy Crucial For A Better America

Its been a year since the United States had its first covid case. Ever since then an estimated 24,000 people have been infected and 4lakh+ deaths have been reported. 

A national memorial to honor the lost ones was arranged at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. The pool was lined up by 400 lanterns, each representing the loss of more than 1000 lives. 

Biden-Harris New Covid-19 Strategy Crucial For A Better America

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were present with their spouses to join the occasion a few hours before they were sworn in as president and vice president. 

Biden-Harris New Covid-19 Strategy Crucial For A Better America

On their day at the White House, the Biden-Harris administration formulated a new covid strategy consisting of 200 pages and signed 10 government orders for the coronavirus. 

These ten orders consist of various important and immediate actions such as speeding up vaccination, ensuring safe reopening of schools and businesses, emergency laws to fasten the production of essentials goods such as masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits.

With the citizens being frustrated in their unaffordability for the vaccine, the Biden government has entered into a very sensitive period for the Americans as well as the world. 

The need to supply vaccines sooner is getting difficult due to the shortage in supply rates.

Trump administration’s lack of responsibility in handling the virus and the pandemic has costed the lives of countless people. 

Even with the Biden-Harris government, the vaccine supply is quite difficult as there are no previous records of vaccine requirements or the patient count. 

Despite Biden signing executive orders for the development of more vaccine centers, health officials state that the shortage of vaccine supply needs to be fixed which might take a few months.

Even though the vaccine supplies are less, they are more likely to progress better under the Biden administration.

As mentioned earlier, Biden’s new covid-19 strategy known as the ‘National Strategy for the Covid-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness’ is estimated at $1.9 trillion and is highly dependent on the execution of the Defense Production Act along with his partnership with the state officials and Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Covid Strategy focuses on the reduction of the pandemic’s effects on the United States. 

It involves detailed measures to increase the vaccine supply. Biden-Harris team has set to provide 10 crore vaccines within the first 100 days in the White House. Biden himself stated that it is one of the greatest operational challenges undertaken by the U.S.

The latest reports state that around 2.4 crore cases have been recorded in which and there are 4 lakh deaths. 

The Biden-Harris team has decided to approach a centralized method and ensuring the complete safety of the country.


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