Biden Inauguration: FBI Seeks Threat Intel From Local Police


The security agencies are taking no chances with regards to the next week’s inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden. The FBI has asked local law enforcement officials to share threat intelligence with regards to next week’s inauguration program. This became critical after the US Capitol riots last week.

FBI Seeks Threat Intel From Local Police

The FBI asked local authorities to search their networks for any kind of information that could help them with regards to making adequate security preparations for the inauguration program. The local police officials said that any message related to the threat intelligence would be considered vital in this situation. After the recent US Capitol riots, some officers were relieved of duty as they had indirectly supported or participated in the capital riots.

FBI Seeks Threat Intel From Local Police

The Department of Homeland security has activated a massive inaugural security operation in order to prevent untoward incidents during the inauguration program. They are likely to stop the access to the White House and the capitol where the swearing-in ceremony of the president will be held on Jan 20.

The Department of Homeland security has implemented the security lockdown in Washington a week ahead of schedule due to threats of violence during the inauguration event. The officials said that security lockdown is set to begin on Jan 13 as it was necessary to provide unified command and control to ensure the safety and security of all the people attending the inauguration event.

The FBI had recently warned that new armed protests are likely to take place in Washington and other state capitals across the country in the next week. The transition team of Joe Biden said that they were briefed on security preparations and other threats by the FBI and secret service officials.

The team is currently engaged with the outgoing administration to access as much information as possible with regards to the threats to the inauguration event. The security officials are working hard to prevent violent intrusions or attacks on Jan 20. In this manner, the transition of power would be done in a smooth way without any problems.

Several security agencies have given clear warnings that they are expecting some retaliation by Trump supporters after the US Capitol riots. In this situation, the authorities do not want to take any chances, and they have enhanced the security across Washington ahead of schedule. In the same manner, armed violence is a clear possibility in several other states across the country. Several hardcore supporters of Donald Trump are dejected with the way he is being treated by congressmen and some Republican leaders after the US Capitol riots.

Due to these concerns, the authorities are worried that some supporters may take up armed protest across the country during the inauguration event. Even though Trump has agreed for a smooth transfer of power, the authorities do not want to take any chances as a single provoking message by the president can lead to a lot of violence in this situation.

Considering the obvious threat, several social media platforms have removed the accounts of Donald Trump as it was earlier used to provoke his followers to indulge in violent acts. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have said that several groups are planning attacks on inauguration day, and some of those things were being discussed openly on social media platforms.

The inauguration committee has said that they have reduced a lot of activities due to security concerns. Most of the events are now held virtually in order to avoid crowds during events. Apart from that, the inauguration event is also organised, keeping in mind the covid-19 restrictions that are prevalent in Washington.


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