Biden Inauguration: States Activate National Guard Troops

All the 50 states including Washington, DC are preparing for possible violent incidents during the inauguration weekend. As several rioters managed to breach the security at the US Capitol last week, the authorities are not taking any chances and they are calling additional security from all possible sources.

In Washington, thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed to provide security for the inauguration event. Teh forces have taken charge a few days before schedule as there is intelligence news that some rioters may plan violent attacks in Washington and several other important cities across the country.

Biden Inauguration: States Activate National Guard Troops

On Saturday, a group of dozen people gathered outside Texas Capitol gates and held protests. They were seen wearing “Trump 2020” hats along with other military garments. Interestingly, the agency closed the Capitol after the authorities had information about armed protests being planned over the weekend.

Biden Inauguration: States Activate National Guard Troops

Some people seen outside the Capitol had protective vests and camouflage clothing. Another person was seen with a rifle and knife along with zip ties. Several other protests across the country were controlled in a similar manner. The agencies said that the protests were small and the authorities did not face any threat while handling the crowd.

In Nevada Capitol, some people stood with signs where protesters had been gathering regularly since last summer. Interestingly, some of them were armed even though there were no reports of violent clashes coming from this region.

The FBI is seeking help from the public to identify the man who attacked the Capitol police officer during the Jan 6 riots in Washington. The officer was pinned in a door jam and he was assaulted with a clear police shield. The mob also assaulted the police during the riots.

The authorities have released the photos of the suspect to the media and asked for information from the public. The agency even announced a reward for providing any information about the suspect.

Several states have decided to close the Capitol buildings for the next few days. In California, nearly 1000 members of the National Guard were deployed to protect the building. They erected a temporary chain link fence around the building. Apart from that, permits for rallies have been cancelled in this region for the next few days.

In New Jersey, state employees were asked to work remotely on the inauguration day as there was increased tension around the country on this occasion. Similar scenes were seen across various state capitol buildings and security has been beefed up for the inauguration weekend.

The FBI along with other security agencies had issued warnings about possible armed violence during this weekend. For this reason, additional security forces have been called to offer protection to important government buildings.

Several people have been arrested so far in connection with the US Capitol riots. The authorities are working hard to identify all the people who participated in the riots. Interestingly, many rioters were armed when they tried to breach the security at the Capitol building. Apart from that, several other rioters were arrested for possessing illegal weapons and explosives near the capitol building.

It was shocking to see such a security lapse when a big event was underway in the Capitol. Several police officers have been suspended after the riots and there are allegations that some of them helped the rioters to breach the security in the building.

Considering all these issues, the National Guard troops have been called in several states to protect the Capitol and other important venues during the inauguration weekend. The security agencies are not taking any chances as they are expecting armed protests from several Trump supporters during the inauguration event.

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