Biden Set To Lift Trumps’s Transgender Ban On Military


Within 4 days of his administration, it is clear how determined Biden is to overturn the policies of the former president Donald Trump.

Along with his recent executive orders regarding coronavirus and travel ban, Biden is set to reverse Trump’s Pentagon Policy that restricts transgenders from joining the military.  

Biden Set To Lift Trumps’s Transgender Ban On Military

It is expected that the White House will announce the new decision on Monday.

Back in 2016, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a policy that granted transgender individuals to openly join the U.S military.

But Trump banned the policy through Twitter resulting in internet havoc.

Biden Set To Lift Trumps’s Transgender Ban On Military

After a continuous legal battle for 2 years, in 2019 the Defense Department made changes in the policy stating that transgender individuals can join the military but will not be allowed gender transition. This meant that they would have to serve in their birth gender. 

During that time, the transgender individuals who were serving in the military were allowed to transition if they were dealing with dysphoria. But the new transgenders joining the military weren’t allowed to transition. 

The newly serving transgender individuals, if found to be suffering from dysphoria were discharged from the military or counseled before joining to change their decision. 

Also, transgender individuals who had undergone any surgery or medical treatments before joining the military were prohibited entry, even though they could prove their physical and mental fitness in their preferred gender. 

The new Defense Secretary, retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin mentioned in his swearing-in ceremony that he very well supports Biden’s decision. 

Austin is also the first Black Defense Secretary of the country.

He said that if an individual is physically fit and qualified to serve, it shouldn’t prevent them from joining the armed forces. 

Biden focuses on regulating the country’s equity issues and his team had transferred a memo from Ron Klain who is currently the White House chief of staff. It was transferred before the presidential inauguration and consisted of Biden’s complete plan to utilize his first week as President to ensure equality and support for all communities. 

Reversing the transgender policy is just one among Biden’s effective actions of his authority as the President. 

He has also issued an executive order to lift the Muslim ban imposed by Trump, halted the build of the Mexico wall, and also ordered to practice complete racial equality.

Massachusetts immigration attorney, Mahsa Khanbabai remarked on Biden’s decision of removing the Muslim ban that even though it is great news, it will take around months or even a year considering the covid scenario for families to finally reunite.  

According to 2019 data, around 14,700 transgender individuals are present in the military who didn’t undergo any medical treatment. But with the reversal of the policy, an estimated 15,000 transgender individuals will be joining to serve the country. 


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