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Biden To Focus On Small Businesses In Stimulus Pan


Joe Biden is all set to work on the stimulus plan in the next few weeks. He has provided some details with regards to the multi trillion dollar relief package in order to support the economy that is severely affected due to the covid-19 pandemic. He said that he would prioritise everyone except for white and male-owned businesses.

During a news conference, he said that the focus will be on small businesses that are not wealthy and well connected to face the economic challenges in this pandemic situation. He added that the priority will be on black, latino, asian and native American owned small businesses. Apart from that, businesses owned by women will also be given priority in the stimulus package.

Biden To Focus On Small Businesses In Stimulus Pan

In this way, the administration plans to provide equal access to the resources needed to rebuild the economy in the best possible way. He said that small businesses in low income groups across the country have faced several barriers when it comes to accessing relief packages. The administration now wants to clear all the hurdles in this regard and provide the best support needed for the most vulnerable people in the society.

Biden To Focus On Small Businesses In Stimulus Pan

He said that small businesses with just a couple of employees do not have access to bank loans or the legal resources needed to access the relief packages. The rules with regards to the relief packages are complicated and many people are not even aware that they qualify for such benefits from the government.

Several people on the other hand have criticized the vision of Biden and said that it is trying to establish a racial caste system. Apart from that, he was also criticized for implementation of racism in order to eradicate racism.

However, this was one of the election promises made by the democrats and Biden has clearly said that he would not wait for a long time in order to bring the relief package to the most deserving people in the country. Soon after he won the US Presidential elections, he claimed that his victory would not have been possible without the support of black and Latino voters. He had promised to provide enough support for the community so that they can get access to the resources provided by the Federal government.

Apart from that, Biden had also said recently that he would focus on improving the vaccinations across the country soon after he takes charge of the office. Currently, the vaccination program is going at a slow Pace and authorities are not able to deliver the required number of doses across the country. In order to improve the pace of vaccination, Biden even said that he is considering releasing all the available vaccines and not holding them for the second dose.

In this manner, the administration plans to vaccinate as many people as possible within a short duration of time. This is the only way to control the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country.

Meanwhile, the inauguration ceremony is all set to be held on January 20. Mike Pence said that he would attend the inauguration ceremony of the incoming president. However, Donald Trump had recently declined to attend the event. Reacting to the news, Biden said that he was not surprised with the decision of Trump even though he welcomed the presence of Mike Pence for the inauguration event.

Several people are waiting for another round of stimulus package from the Federal government. Most of them are of the opinion that the new administration will provide a bigger stimulus package than expected in the past.



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