The BioNTech Co-Founder States That The Virus Would Be Manageable: It Will Is With Us For Years


The co-founder and chief medical officer of BioNTech, the Germany-based firm that helped in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine being partnered up with Pfizer, has stated that there is no need for the world to live in fear of the virus anymore.

Dr. Ozlem Tureci has stated that the coronavirus would become manageable and in fact, it has already started to come under control.

The BioNTech Co-Founder States That The Virus Would Be Manageable: It Will Be With Us For Years

But she also stated that we would have to adapt ourselves to the new normal of today’s world, as the virus may be in control, but it is not going to completely eradicate from the world and is going to stay with us for some more years.

The BioNTech Co-Founder States That The Virus Would Be Manageable: It Will Be With Us For Years

On being asked about the concerns on the new Covid variants that are turning out, she expressed that BioNTech is continuously assessing those new variants, and there are chances for them to be more in number. But in response to the variants, she also said that the boosters that are implemented for the safety of the people are quite capable on their own to bring the diminishing immune systems to high levels and provide security against the virus.

Tureci also stated that although the boosters are enough as of now, the same cannot be said for protection against the upcoming variants, thus it is advised to always take the situation seriously. She also said they are working day and night by doing dry runs with regulators in case there is a need for a potential switch. This is being done so that the people can be ready to fight against the upcoming variants with quick and effective responses to adapt to a variant.

She also stated that for the world to get out of this pandemic situation, more data was needed against the virus, but in the meantime, she emphasized that the situation could be handled by giving booster jabs to people every twelve or eighteen months.

Development Of Covid Vaccine

The experience of BioNTech was a major factor in being able to develop a vaccine for the virus in under one year. 

When Tureci was asked if this was the case with all the other vaccines, she stated that all the priority was being given in the development of these vaccines as the virus had become a global threat. She also stated that these situations helped them in learning lessons for the future.

She also said that this vaccine could help them in future drug developments too which would help them to be fast, such as solutions for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Importance Of Both Genders Behind Success

Dr. Ozlem Tureci feels that as the Oxford–AstraZeneca Covid vaccine was led by female scientists, such kinds of examples of gender equality in terms of science are “very important” and she considers it as one of the major reasons behind BioNTech’s prosperity. She said that almost half of their working teams, along with top management level positions, are females and this is a secret for the success of their organization. 

Along with this, she also stated that all the women in their organization were not hired due to the necessary fulfillment of any gender quota, but all of them simply made it there because of their skills, just like all the other men.


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