Black Friday 2022 – Follow these tips

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Especially in online shops you are overwhelmed with percentages. This day is a great time to buy the first Christmas present or to fulfill a long-held dream. But in the percent jungle, you should still keep calm in order not to make a bad purchase. We give you tips that you should consider when shopping online.

When is “Black Friday”?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday November 25th. But where does this day of action come from? The day originally came from America: when the whole family got together on Thanksgiving, the Christmas trade started the next day, on Black Friday, with lots of discounts. The originally American practice is now represented worldwide.

Why shop on Black Friday?

In the current situation, money is definitely not that loose in many people’s pockets. But it’s okay that promotional days like Black Friday can be worthwhile if the shopping is well thought out. Many people readily rely on such discounts, because not everyone can afford expensive electrical appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines.

Many shops around the world are now taking part in “Black Friday” – be it the city’s well-known online shops or retailers. They offer great discounts and lots of extra percentages on a variety of items.

Bargaining can take place not only online, but also in retail stores.

Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst

Whether expensive electrical appliances, favorite products, clothing, household items or gifts for loved ones – on Black Friday you can save a lot of money with (sometimes) cheap offers. Online shops often offer high discounts that are otherwise not available all year round.

Nevertheless, caution is always required on such days of action and consumers should obtain sufficient information before making a purchase.

Avoid impulse purchases from the wish list

“Black Friday” encourages consumption and encourages people to put unsuitable items in their shopping carts. That’s why it’s all the more important to think about what you really want to buy and what you can really afford. It pays to make a list of things you want to achieve. This way, impulse purchases can be avoided without thinking. It also makes sense to specify an amount of money for each request that should not be exceeded in order not to overdraw the account.

If you think about what you want to buy beforehand, you are protected from unnecessary bad purchases.

Photo: Benjamin Nolte

The question “Do I need this?” This should be considered not just on Black Friday, but all year round when consumers are looking to buy something new. Sustainable consumption is possible on Black Friday if you only buy well thought-out items that were on the wish list anyway.

A price comparison is worthwhile

On “Black Friday” it is worth not only creating a wish list, but also comparing the prices of different online shops. Because just because a product has a high discount percentage doesn’t directly mean the item is cheap. It is therefore advisable to use price search engines from popular online portals to find the cheapest price and perhaps buy the desired product in another online shop. It is also important to always look at the total price including shipping costs to calculate additional hidden costs.

Prices should always be compared, especially on Black Friday.

Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst

Beware of fake offers

Caution is advised, especially with cheap offers that make consumers almost suspicious. Because counterfeit shops offer products at low prices, the unordered goods never reach the buyer – payment is then usually made by credit card or prepayment. Customers who pay by Challan or direct debit are on the safe side. In addition, it should be discouraged from buying without an imprint.

Black Friday attracts with many high discounts – with a well thought-out strategy, desired items can be purchased cheaply and excessive bad purchases can be avoided.

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