Scientists Blueprint Bacterial Enzyme Believed To ‘Stealthily’ Suppress Immune Response

Scientists Blueprint Bacterial Enzyme Believed To 'Stealthily' Suppress Immune Response

The scientists are all set to present the blueprint of a bacterial enzyme. The name of this enzyme is Lit. Researchers suspected that Lit is responsible to suppress the response of the immunity system. Moreover, it stealthily allowed the infection to make a progress. Now it is time to reveal the concept in front of the whole world. Therefore, the scientists launched this blueprint.

Scientists Blueprint Bacterial Enzyme Believed To ‘Stealthily’ Suppress Immune Response

To win against the attacks of bacteria, we need to know the weaknesses first. A blueprint can be of immense help in this matter. The drug designers can identify the major weaknesses to strengthen the potential of the antibiotics.

Trinity College Dublin published all these details in a report of their study recently. Additionally, the molecular blueprint with the smallest details can let the researchers discover the actual nature of the bacteria.

Scientists Blueprint Bacterial Enzyme Believed To 'Stealthily' Suppress Immune Response

Role Of Lipoproteins

‘LIT’ refers to Lipoprotein Intramolecular Transacylase which is a specific lipoprotein. There is a lot to say about the role of lipoproteins in a bacterial cell. Some of them actively participate for survival. However, some of them may prove to be harmful to the host. Recent studies revealed that multiple enzymes are responsible for the construction of lipoproteins. LIT is one such type with the main objective of affecting the immune response.

The bacteria can capture some space on the host’s body through stealth. Therefore, it was necessary to determine clearly how LIT works. The Trinity team of experts thus came up with the high-resolution molecular structure of Bacillus cereus. Usually, you can find this bacteria in any soil or food.

To identify the accurate results, the team applied several analytical techniques and quantum mechanics. Molecular dynamic simulations also formed part of the experiment. Finally, the whole thing is clear to all. As a result, we get to see the blueprint from confident scientists.

Potential And Effects On The Society

Determining the characteristics of Lit was essential for understanding the impact on society. If bacteria can suppress the immunity power so cautiously, it is a matter of concern. Furthermore, without having the correct knowledge, you cannot take the appropriate precautions. Hence, a proper analysis was crucial.

Martin Caffrey, one of the professors in the research team, is the senior most author. His statements clarified the underlying potent of the bacteria. Moreover, he also explained the logic behind its significance. To quote his words, we can say that LIT is probably a virulence factor. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats in our society at large. Therefore, an element responsible for targeting the same is dangerous. Lit can reduce the response of the immunity system considerably leading to hurdles in the creation of antibiotics.

With publish of the bacterial enzyme’s crystal structure, the study went through a crucial stage. This high-resolution formation will give a detailed view of the working pattern of LIT. Moreover, the position and activity of the same in the bacterial cell will become clearer. Mr. Caffrey also added that the team worked on a similar project four years back.

The subject matter for that research was another lipoprotein processing enzyme. Presently, researchers consider this enzyme to be an antibiotic target. It is popular as LspA (Lipoprotein Signal Peptidase II).

Several companies in the pharmaceutical industry are still carrying out the scrutiny. The advent of another such lipoprotein is creating curiosities in lots of minds. No one can say anything with certainty at this primary stage.

However, the blueprint can make this blurred picture a little clear. Some powerful drugs can come into the market. Therefore, scientists are trying to understand the lipoprotein’s effects. The ultimate goal will be to enhance the immunity power of mankind.


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