Booster Doses For 65 And Older Can Be Beneficial!! 

Booster Doses For 65 And Older Can Be Beneficial

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted a meeting on booster doses on Friday. The FDA recommends the Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots for all Americans aged 65 and above. The citizens with a high risk of severe illness are also eligible for the booster shot.

Booster Doses For 65 And Older Can Be Beneficial!!

The New York Times report says the unanimous decision came after voting by the panel of experts. The team of experts refused the need for booster shots for younger individuals.

Booster Doses For 65 And Older Can Be Beneficial

The decision against booster doses for younger citizens comes as a setback to the Biden administration. He said that the administration of the booster dose to citizens from September 20. He planned to give booster doses to all citizens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet next week and decide how to administer the booster shots to the citizens.

Dr. Peter Marks, director of the vaccine division of FDA, said, “the panel took the decision keeping in mind severe illness as well as its potential to slow infection rates.”

Many discussions and presentations from Pfizer took place on Friday. Pfizer pushed hard to get the approval. The FDA said studies show that the two doses of Pfizer are highly effective in preventing severe illness and hospitalizations. The need for a third dose is thus not recommendable.

The FDA and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee also studied the data from Israel. Israel has been administering the Pfizer booster doses.

Israel health officials claimed that the effectiveness of the second dose reduces after six months. Thus, booster doses are a need. Israel started offering booster doses to its citizens as young as 12 in the last month. The campaign to administer booster doses began in July.

The report published by Israeli scientists shows that people vaccinated with the third dose are less likely to be infected or get severely ill than those who were not. 

So far, at least 1.1 million people have already received their booster dose in Israel. The people with the third dose are over the age of 60.

Their studies show that after 12 days from booster shot, rates of severe illness dipped by twenty folds.

Many FDA experts questioned the comparison of a relatively small and homogenous population with a diversely populated nation.

Dr. Sara Oliver from the CDC suggests that current vaccine doses effectively prevent even the very old from the Covid-19 virus.

A study conducted by the CDC showed that fully vaccinated citizens maintain 88% protection from hospitalization by the Covid-19. The study read a track of 3,700 hospitalized Americans. 

A CDC official questioned the Israeli officials. He asked why the number of cases is rising, despite broadly administering booster doses. It was also under question about why the Israeli data includes only a few weeks of follow-up. 

The panel decided after an intense discussion. The decision says that administering booster doses to healthy and young individuals is not yet justifiable.

Dr. Michael Kurrila said it is not clear if everybody needs a booster dose. The elderly and the high-risk group population surely need it.

Two high-ranking FDA officials opposed the use of booster doses. They stated that there are no valid shreds of evidence to support booster shots. Both the officials are now planning to leave the FDA this fall.


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