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Federal Network Agency

The fixed-line Internet often has weak points

In the 2020/21 period, every third user received the full contractually guaranteed data rate or even more.

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Room for improvement: The Federal Network Agency’s “Broadband Measurement Annual Report” shows that fixed-line Internet often does not deliver what is contractually agreed.

Bon. According to officials, there are often security gaps on the Internet at home. The Federal Network Agency published its “Annual Report on Broadband Measurements” in Bonn on Tuesday, which covers the period from October 2020 to September 2021.

The report contains information on around 484,000 landline measurements carried out by citizens themselves. 83.5 percent of the users received at least half of the contractually agreed maximum data rate during the measurement. The value was lower in previous years, but according to the Federal Network Agency it is not comparable with the current price due to changes in measurement technology.

Only a good third of users (36.5 percent) achieved the full contractually guaranteed data rate or even more in the 2020/21 period. “The results are not yet satisfactory,” said Claus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency. “Customers still often don’t get the promised Internet speeds.”

The right to deduct applies from the end of 2021 – consumers are entitled to a reduced monthly payment if their internet at home is not as good as the contract guarantees. From the point of view of Susanne Blohm from the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv), it is a great tool so that telecommunications companies can finally get better and get faster and more stable connections to their customers. “This increases the pressure on providers to fix losses quickly and not delay customers.”

In view of the low prices in recent years, the industry association VATM emphasized that the trend is positive and that the Internet will become even better in the future due to the ongoing expansion of fiber optics. “Providers try to measure and predict the line performance when booking,” says Jürgen Grutzner, Managing Director of the VATM. Customer complaints were therefore limited. The performance of copper cables with VDSL can vary greatly depending on the cable length, with fiber optics it is different. It is therefore important that fiber optic expansion progresses and is not slowed down by bureaucracy and politics, said Grutzner.

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