BUZZBGONE Zapper Reviews – Legit Mosquito Zapper or Fake Bug Killing Protection?

The Buzz-B-Gone Zapper is a device that helps consumers to clear out unwanted mosquitos in their vicinity, providing every person with a clean space. The device doesn’t need to be connected to any power source but should be charged with the micro USB cable between each use.

What is Buzz-B-Gone?

While the summer warmth starts to get closer and closer, consumers everywhere are ready to make plans to be outside. Some people are planning their first barbecue of the season, while others are looking for the best way to clean up their pool before the parties begin. While these preparation methods are all important to a fun summer season, one of the other considerations should be all the bugs that come out during warm and humid weather.

Protection against bugs has consistently been important for anyone going into their summers, so products like bug-repelling sprays and citronella candles are stored in such a steady supply. Though these methods feel tried and true, they aren’t perfect. The chemicals in bug sprays aren’t safe for all consumers, which means that young children and pets are still susceptible to mosquito bites. Citronella candles eliminate the need for a topical product, but they aren’t the aroma every person wants around their freshly grilled meals.

Maintaining the insect population is tricky, but nothing spoils a nice night outside like being bitten by hundreds of mosquitos. The bites itch for days, ruining any plans until the bites heal. No one wants to stock up on calamine lotion and other products when they have the opportunity to prevent the issue in the first place. That’s where the Buzz-B-Gone Zapper comes in.

Buzz-B-Gone provides consumers with a way to clear out mosquitos from the immediate vicinity. This device helps consumers to improve the space around them, ensuring that nothing will ruin their indoor or outdoor plans. With a bright LED light to attract attention, the mosquitoes gravitate away from guests at the user’s party, but that’s not enough. This device also includes a zapping mechanism to ensure all mosquitos are out of the way.

Since this device is so lightweight, consumers can bring it anywhere. It is not meant to be a permanent fixture in any place, so the design is made to be quite helpful to anyone moving the party inside the house. This device doesn’t hold any unnecessary weight, so it can be placed in the middle of a table, on a shelf, or hung on a hook to provide the support consumers want in their room. The device just needs to be on for two hours to clear an entire room or outdoor space, but this same protection is available to any area when it is moved.

With a long-lasting battery, consumers don’t have to worry that they will suddenly lose coverage of their space. However, if the battery runs low and the device turns off, consumers just have to plug it back into the micro USB cable. From one day to the next, this device is straightforward for anyone to use, and it only needs to be cleaned if a lot of mosquitoes accumulate around the coil.

Consumers who decide to purchase from the official website will already have an excellent discount on the retail cost of this device. Though this is the second generation of Buzz-B-Gone, the creators still want to make sure that it is accessible and affordable to anyone who wants to get its protection. The website offers a 50% discount as an introductory offer for anyone who wants to see how well it works for their needs.

Why Are Mosquitos So Dangerous?

The mosquito is one of the most lethal insects (or animals) worldwide. According to the current statistics, no other animal directly puts humans at risk for illnesses like the Zika virus, malaria, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and other issues. Despite being in a part of the world that can effectively deal with many risks, no one wants to intentionally put themselves in harm’s way.

Since mosquitos collect blood from their victims, their danger comes from their ability to move illness from one human to the next quickly. While they are a substantial threat to humans, they also pose the risk of infection on any animals they bite. Removing mosquitoes in this space can make a big difference to anyone who wants to eliminate their risk and relax outdoors.

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How Does Buzz-B-Gone Work?

Buzz-B-Gone is so effective because it targets mosquitos to bring them closer, giving them a close range they can be neutralized at. The first step is to draw the mosquitos closer, which is done using an LED light. Though some research shows that using an LED light has about the same likelihood of attracting mosquitos as other lights, it is much safer for the people around it. It doesn’t heat up in the same way that standard light bulbs can, so consumers don’t have to worry about getting burned or otherwise hurt.

Once the mosquito lands on the LED light, they are instantly attracted to the inner coil, which is quite powerful. Using this electric coil, mosquitos are zapped with enough of a charge to kill them instantly to prevent them from attacking anyone else. The process can take up to two hours for any space, but areas with a high concentration of bugs inside or a big space outside might consider getting an additional unit for faster and more effective results.

This entire device relies on the support of a rechargeable battery, which consumers can power up with the micro USB cable. This cable can be used with a power adapter, computer, or another power source to ensure that anyone can stop experiencing the uncomfortable bites of mosquitos. This device will illuminate green on the LED indicator light when it is ready to be powered back on.

To create this device, the creators prioritized using premium components that can withstand weather and other damage. It is highly durable, ensuring that users won’t have to worry about losing their protection due to damage. Thanks to the incredible construction of this device, consumers can bring it indoors and outdoors, keeping every living room, campsite, or backyard pest-free. Without the bests, summertime plans can go on without any interruption.

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Activating Buzz-B-Gone

Before consumers can use Buzz-B-Gone to eradicate their unwanted mosquitos, they have to start by charging the Buzz-B-Gone Zapper. The package comes with a micro USB cable that needs to be plugged into a power source to get the support. When the device is actively charging, the LED indicator light turns red. Once it has reached a full charge, the light turns green instead.

Disconnect Buzz-B-Gone from the micro USB connection and turn on the device. The switch is on the top of the device; when the user hears a clicking noise, the LED light will illuminate to show that it is ready to take out mosquitos in the area.

To get the desired impact from Buzz-B-Gone, the Zapper must be placed in the area where the user wants to clear mosquitoes from. The device should stay active for about two hours to remove the entire space. Leaving the device on will keep the area clear. Once the power runs out, users will need to charge it again.

This device has a loop that allows users to either hang it up to get the desired results or keep it on a flat surface. Essentially, there’s no reason to be bitten by mosquitos again, no matter where the user is.

Buzz-B-Gone Activating

Purchasing a Buzz-B-Gone Zapper

Buzz-B-Gone offers exceptional support to consumers indoors and outdoors, but the only way to ensure the user gets the desired benefits is through the official website. Consumers will choose up to four Zappers in a single order, though they won’t have to pay nearly the $61.52 retail cost.

Consumers have the choice of:

  • 1 Buzz-B-Gone Zapper for $39.99
  • 2 Buzz-B-Gone Zapper for $79.98
  • 3 Buzz-B-Gone Zapper for $89.98
  • 4 Buzz-B-Gone Zapper for $109.97

If the user finds that this device doesn’t suit their needs, they have up to 30 days to either request a refund or replacement from the creators.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buzz-B-Gone

Q: What makes Buzz-B-Gone effective?

A: Buzz-B-Gone is so effective because of its LED light to attract mosquitos, bringing them as close to the device as possible before the electric coil kills them off.

Q: Does Buzz-B-Gone have to be connected to a wall outlet to get power?

A: No. Instead, consumers can use the USB connection to charge the device. When the battery is fully loaded, users can unplug the device and place it wherever they want.

Q: Should Buzz-B-Gone be hung up or set on a flat surface?

A: Either! Users can choose to hang Buzz-B-Gone by the loop provided or set it down flat.

Q: What skill level is required to use Buzz-B-Gone?

A: The best part of the Buzz-B-Gone device is that it requires no prior experience in extermination or any other bug control.

Q: How do users set up Buzz-B-Gone?

A: Consumers should be able to take Buzz-B-Gone directly out of the box and start using it immediately. However, some devices are not equipped with a full charge, so they might need to be connected with the included USB cord to reach maximum power.

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Q: How should Buzz-B-Gone be cleaned?

A: The Buzz-B-Gone Zapper comes with its own brush that helps consumers sweep away the mosquitos collected by the device as they are killed off. The brush is also used to eliminate debris that accumulates around the electric coil to reduce the risk of damage and lengthen the life of the zapper.

Q: How long will consumers need to use Buzz-B-Gone before mosquitos are eliminated?

A: Once users choose where to set up the Buzz-B-Gone Zapper, they must leave it running for about two hours to eliminate the mosquitoes. Leave it running for as long as the user wants to keep the bugs away.

Q: How do users get the best results when they use Buzz-B-Gone?

A: The main reason that this device works so well is that it attracts mosquitos with LED light, so users will need to reduce the ambient light in the room to get the best results. With other lights on, mosquitos might not gravitate towards Buzz-B-Gone, which eliminates the whole reason for using it in the first place.

Q: How long does Buzz-B-Gone take to arrive?

A: Most packages can be delivered within 7-10 days, depending on the location it is being sent to. In some cases, delivery can take up to 30 days.

Q: What’s the return policy?

A: If users aren’t happy with Buzz-B-Gone, they have up to 30 days to request a refund. If the issue concerns functionality, they can also opt for a replacement. The customer service team can be reached with any other questions by filling out the contact form at


Buzz-B-Gone provides a way to eliminate mosquitos that might infiltrate summer nights. This device is easy to maintain and clean, ensuring anyone can clear away the pests that threaten them with discomfort and disease. With multiple package options available, consumers can stock up on as many Zappers as they want to keep at home, ensuring that one is always available with a full charge to clean the environment around them.

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