California Avoids The Great Disaster Battling Against COVID-19

California Avoids The Great Disaster Battling Against COVID-19

Nurses at the San Joaquin hospital in the Central Valley of California cover infectious COVID-19 patients on their way out of the either with clear barriers that are tent-like or white sheets if the barriers are unavailable, on their way out from ICU.

An ICU nurse Jessica Vasques said that the sheets are for everyone’s protection, and those sheets prevent the spread of infection to others.

California Avoids The Great Disaster Battling Against COVID-19 

This remains strange, like many other protocols the hospital has implemented after the outbreak of the pandemic. 

California Avoids The Great Disaster Battling Against COVID-19

It seems odd that she barely talks to her patients these days, even though many of them are extremely weak to speak. With panic, she said that she felt so scared as the virus can come to anyone, remembering a man who grabbed her hands before he died and thanked her as none of his relatives weren’t there with him. 

Vasques was relieved when California state implemented a lockdown soon after it got hit by the virus in March.

California was the first state in the U.S. to declare the lockdown. During the initial phase of the outbreak, the supply of personal protective gear for medical staff was short.

The hospitals were struggling to battle with an illness that they never faced before. However, people were aware of the seriousness of the situation. They cooperated by staying home so that California could avoid what happened in Louisiana and New York. 

The hospitals in the country’s most prominent states were overworked in the primary stage of the pandemic. Despite the strain, they didn’t get as fatigued as the hospitals in New York. It wasn’t even necessary for them to arrange huge refrigerator trucks as portable morgues to treat the victims.

From California, 5000 body bags and 60 refrigerated trailers were delivered to the hard-hit areas like Los Angeles within a fortnight before the Christmas holidays.

The state has estimated more than 2.1m positive cases and 24,000 deaths as of Monday. The ICU quantity of southern California received any harm by mid-December.

In Los Angeles, 2 people were dying of the pandemic every hour. The Public Health Director of LA, Barbara Ferrer, tearfully said that beloved people of each family go with no return.

The state legislated another lockdown on an increasingly challenging circumstance. The Californians were asked to stay at their home throughout the holidays to decrease the virus’s pace in spreading.

However, the fatigued and frustrated public pushed back nine months after the first shelter-in-place order. 

The crowd withdrew at the leaders’ option to authorize retail shopping and entertainment exposition to prevail open. At the same time, most schools were locked, and people asked to stay away from their dear ones.


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