Call For Evidence: Improving Her Health Issues

Call For Evidence: Improving Her Health Issues

As the world is growing daily, people are changing their mindsets and being more practical in what they are doing and also implementing it. Still, as each coin has two faces, every other thing is getting modernize and growing except the seriousness of health issues for women. This is pure because of gender inequality. It is one of the most evil things in our society that found in varying degrees in most of the societies around the world. The main reason for the gap between gender health is because the old stereotypes and false beliefs. The crucial fact is that women are not getting proper health and care and appropriate treatment as she faces health issues over the course of their life, from suicide in adolescence to breast cancer in the middle age and the dementia disease in old age they lost their life.

Call For Evidence: Improving Her Health Issues

The department of health and social care of the UK is going to start a program for about 12 weeks that is ‘a call for evidence’ from the health care centers from all over England that show any inequality faced and needs improvement. By doing that, they got many reports on female health conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, pregnancy-related, and trauma that affect their productivity in work.

Call For Evidence: Improving Her Health Issues

From the study, several facts are shown up like:

1) 51% of the women population don’t have enough reports or evidence and medical records.

2) Blockage of the coronary artery is 59% more in men.

3) And deaths due to Heart attack also increase in number.

International women’s Day that is on 8th March, this program is going to be launched with the main focus will be on women’s voices about their health improving quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health, increasing health literacy and awareness. The program also focuses on understanding the loss that occurred by any hurdle in the women’s work time that decreases productivity because of various reasons like menopause, depression, pregnancy-related problems any kind of mental and physical issues. Some other problems like domestic abuse and marital rape which give severe physical injury as well as mental trauma.

For the success of this program, many suggestions were taken from the healthcare service workers from all over the country on any aspect related to women’s health like

Any addiction, pregnancy, etc. and then keeping all these aspects and by getting to know what are the most common issue faced by women’s they made this program or one can say portal that’s is user friendly and very trustable process, their information remains closed and this program will easily accessible in the form of mobile application to all the women’s and Health centers.

Many gynecologists approved and said that they were delighted for this program and pray for its success because from the point of you as a gynaec, they know all the conditions and issues of an ideal woman that she faced. So they were very much in favor of this project by introducing the opportunity of improving the health condition from women to girls is going to increase.


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