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The following episode has one of the best action sequences in history. Weak Hero Chapter 187 is scheduled for this week with a proper release date. In the previous chapter, Dongha recalled the time he was bullied by boys at his school. Then he decided to use this incident to get encouragement to fight. But the more important part of the story is protecting the vet clinic from the thugs. Will Eugene be able to overcome his fear on the next outing? Here’s everything you need to know about the chapter.

The next episode will come back with an action sequence. This time Eugene has to be the one who takes care of all the chances for his aunt. Since she filed the complaint against the reconstruction project, she also had to bear the consequences.

Weak Hero Chapter 187

Weak Hero Chapter 187: What Will Happen Next?

From the scene at the end of the previous chapter, it appears that Eugene’s aunt reported the disturbance at the veterinary clinic. And now, when Eugene came back from the academy, he saw that there was a bunch of idiots sitting right in front of their clinic. The idiots weren’t shown in the chapter, but from the looks of it they didn’t seem like people who would spare them a warning.

The episode takes a look at one of the most surprising fight sequences in history. The Union people, along with Eugene and Dongha, will come to rescue the aunt and the pets in the clinic. Weak Hero Chapter 187 will deal with one of the best action sequences in history so far.

Weak Hero Chapter 187

Summary of the previous chapter!

Episode 186 of Weak Hero began with Dongha getting a call from his office manager telling him about a delivery. He was told to keep a close eye on the matter. The chapter then switches to a bullying incident on the street. This time it was the younger version of Dongha who was being bullied. And this was also the time when he willingly beat someone up. Back in the present, the boy recalled the time and also beat up the thugs in his office.

But the Union people came and begged Dongha to abandon them to their fate. Elsewhere, Mr. Song supervised the work at the construction site. On the construction site, dust, noise and smoke disrupted the work of the nearby clinics. The chapter ended with Eugene seeing a bunch of idiots outside his aunt’s vet clinic.

Weak Hero Chapter 187

Weak Hero Chapter 187: Release Date

Weak Hero’s series has seen all the ups and downs of the story so far. But the topic of reconstruction does not end anyway. So, Weak Hero Chapter 187 will be returning to screens this week. The chapter is scheduled for release on May 13, 2022. Readers can only access all episodes of the Manhwa on the official Naver, Webtoon and Kakaopage pages. So keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more information about it.


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