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Capitol Rioters Are Being Identified And Arrested


The US Capitol police officer who was injured during the riots at the Capitol died at the hospital. The case is being investigated by federal and local authorities as homicide. Officials said that any criminal charges related to the officer’s death will be federal as the events happened on federal property.

Capitol Rioters Are Being Identified And Arrested

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the flags at the Capitol to be flown at half-staff to honor the police officer who lost his life defending the Capitol from the rioters. Apart from that, she also said that she was in talks with the highest ranking military officer  to take precautions to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear strike.

The violence at the capitol has shown its effects on various people. The US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned on Thursday after his department was severely criticized by everyone for the lack of security for a high profile event.

Capitol Rioters Are Being Identified And Arrested

The US Capitol police officer Brian D Sicknick who died during the Capitol riots was a vetern who served in the New Jersey Air National Guard. He was the youngest of three sons and hailed from New Jersey. Several elected officials praised the services of the officer and his colleagues recalled fond memories of his compassionate behavior.

Meanwhile, the federal agencies have started to identify the rioters and take action against them for the rampage. An Arkansan man, Richard Barnett who was photographed lounging in Nancy Pelosi’s office was charged with violent entry, theft and other charges including entering and remaining on restricted grounds. Authorities also said that the man took some materials from Pelosi’s office.

Soon after the incident, he had bragged on camera about how he was escorted out and not arrested by the officers. He even gave an interview to the media and said that he had left a quarter in Pelosi’s office for the envelope he took from the office. Considering this, his actions should not be classified as theft.

Meanwhile, authorities are taking a lot of precautions for the inauguration event. Biden told reporters that he was not concerned about his safety or the inauguration as American people are going to stand up to defend such actions.

Trump has decided to skip the swearing-in ceremony of Biden even though he agreed for a peaceful transfer of power. This is not in line with the White House traditions. Several social media platforms have banned Trump for his actions during the Capitol riots.

Several rioters bragged about the Capitol siege on social media and authorities are working hard to identify them with the help of secret service agencies. Such people should understand the seriousness of the offence and it should become a lesson for others in future. Strict action should be taken against such rioters so that the American democracy can be protected from such forces in future.

The security forces failed miserably when it came to protecting the senators and lawmakers at the Capitol. It was evident that they did not put enough efforts to stop the rioters in the first place. It was later revealed that some rioters even had illegal weapons and they could have done a lot of damage at the Capitol. The lives of several lawmakers and senators were at risk on that day due to the reckless behavior of rioters.

A police officer died due to injuries suffered during the riots. Another rioter was shot dead at the Capitol on Wednesday after she tried to storm inside the building. The incident has left a black mark on American democracy and several international leaders have condemned the incident. This has become an embarrassing situation for many leaders in the country.



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