The CDC Director Urges People To Get Vaccinated.

The CDC Director Urges People To Get Vaccinated.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s head said on Sunday that the only way to prevent the emergence and spread of new variants is to raise the rates of vaccination.

Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended a third COVID-19 dose for a certain section of the population to strengthen their immunity.

The CDC Director Urges People To Get Vaccinated, Warns That Hospitals Will Soon Run Out Of Beds

The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that this does not mean people will require continuous booster doses. She said that their only goal is to stay two steps ahead of the virus. They have recommended boosters so that the country does not end up in a vulnerable position.

She said that we have to wait to see if we can lower down the amount of transmission in the nation and around the world.

The CDC Director Urges People To Get Vaccinated.

Many funeral homes in Idaho are running out of space as COVID-19 is killing people mercilessly. Coroner Dotti Owens of Ada County that they are working nonstop. They are frustrated and exhausted. The county’s funeral homes and hospitals are out of storage.

Owens did that to accommodate more dead bodies, they purchased a mass fatality trailer, but even that did not prove to be enough. She said that the dead bodies are being packed in the buildings with internal coolers. Idaho’s situation is indeed very tragic.

Idaho is one of the states with the lowest vaccination in the United States. According to the CDC data, only 41.3% of Idaho’s residents are fully vaccinated. West Virginia and Wyoming have even lower vaccination rates than Idaho, 40.3% and 41% respectively.

An analysis carried out by CNN showed that the least vaccinated states witnessed four times higher death rates than the 10 most vaccinated states.

According to data published on Saturday by CDC, coronavirus has killed at least 20 people per day in the last week in Idaho.

In Ada County’s Cloverdale, Steve Salve, the managing partner, told CNN that their refrigeration facility is completely full. He said that a major problem faced by them is that family members of dead people are also COVID-19 infected so they have to store the bodies until they fully recover and organize a funeral service.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services data, Idaho’s 90% intensive care unit beds were occupied and among them, 58.6% were COVID-19 patients.

To help with COVID-19 cases, Alaska has asked for additional help from medical staff.

The state is asking for 114 nursing assistance, 297 nurses, many other therapists and technicians to help with the staffing shortage faced by the hospitals. The plan will cost the state around $1million per day. Officials said that this will be taken up by the federal government.

Alaska has granted authorization to hospitals across the state to ration healthcare resources and impose crisis standards of care. This move comes as patients are overwhelming the hospitals. 

The director of the CDC is worried that many states hospitals will run out of bed soon. By talking to CBS, she said that many people may not receive proper care. She said that unvaccinated people are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized and most hospitals around the state are filled with unvaccinated people.

Idaho’s Filer School District has shut down due to a shortage of substitute teachers in the excessive absence of staff members. Students have returned to virtual learning. Since the schools begin on September 7, the COVID-19 cases were reported in 56 students and 11 school staff members.

Kelli Schroeder, the superintendent said that they faced excessive staff members’ absence and they are not sure if this was because of COVID-19.


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