CDC Releases Latest Guidelines To Fully Vaccinated People

CDC Releases Latest Guidelines To Fully Vaccinated People

As more and more people in the U.S are getting fully vaccinated every day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its anticipated guidance on Monday, intending to assist them with further safety measures to follow. 

CDC Releases Latest Guidelines To Fully Vaccinated People

The press release of the agency suggested that their new guidance is based on the latest science which includes recommendations for how and when a fully vaccinated person can visit others. 

The CDC’s guidance referred to the initial step to go back to the everyday activities that the communities used to do during pre-pandemic years. 

CDC Releases Latest Guidelines To Fully Vaccinated People

Timely updates would be added to these guidelines according to the change of daily vaccination rates as well as the rates of transmission in communities and also with the availability of additional scientific evidence. 

The director of CDC, Rochelle P. Walensky said that people tend to vaccinate as they long to go back to life and enjoy it as before with those who they love. She continued that there are certain activities that a fully vaccinated person can resume in his life as he did it before in his own home. 

She added that whether vaccinated or not, everyone needs to continue to follow the mitigation measures whenever in public settings. She further said that science is evolving and more people are covered by the vaccination efforts, so the agency will continue to give more guidelines to people to help those who are fully vaccinated. Additionally, the guidance will safely resume more and more activities. 

The latest guideline lets a fully vaccinated person visit other fully vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask, but staying 6 feet apart. He can follow the same rule if he visits another household with a very low risk of severe disease.

The fully vaccinated category is also advised to avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. 

If a fully vaccinated man lives in a group setting, and there is anybody who has COVID-19 around him, he should be in quarantine for 14 days and should undergo a test, eleven if he doesn’t show any symptoms. 

The delay in domestic and international travels remains unclear and if anyone needs to travel, he would have to follow the requirements and recommendations of the CDC. 

Apart from the fully vaccinated category, the guidelines also invested their focus on others. Those who don’t show any symptoms of COVID-19 after getting exposed to an infected person are also relieved as they can stop themselves from quarantine and testing.

The press release repeated that the total time period to consider a person as fully vaccinated is two weeks after receiving the required dose/ doses of the vaccine. 

Despite the efforts of immunizing people getting accelerated every day, CDC’s data showed that only 9.2% of the total American population have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

CDC indicated that the COVID-19 precautions are getting lifted in many parts of the country. Hence, it suggested everyone receive their required doses of the vaccine before the rules get lifted completely. The public also needs to adhere to the mitigation measures to ensure the safety of all those who didn’t receive their vaccine shots yet. 


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