Chicago Fire Fans Have Some Strong Feelings About The Latest Stella And Gallo Development


After Season 10, Episode 20 of Chicago Fire premiered on May 11, a user started a thread on the Chicago Fire subreddit titled “stella is ridulous.” They argued that Gallo was always on his way to join Squad 3 and that Stella’s attempt to prevent it was entirely unjustified. The commenters on the thread largely agreed with this opinion. For example, user taymay31 wrote, “She was totally out of line and entitled and I’m glad Severide called her.” Similarly, user elmonosuke replied, “I love Stella, I understand that she is new to this leadership position and a team needs stability, but they have erred in every possible shape or form in this one.”

Also on Twitter, some “Chicago Fire” fans expressed their dislike for Stella’s actions in Season 10 Episode 20. Twitter user @Olicity4Lifefor example, that Stella “had no right to go behind Gallo’s back and try to stop his career from moving forward just because it would knock her out.” In the meantime, users @CleJake99 argued that “it should never have been this complicated. If Gallo wanted to join the squad, let him.”

Of course, Chicago Fire Season 10 is currently nearing its endgame, so what looks like a departure from Stella may well constitute a storyline in the show’s upcoming Season 11.

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