Children With Long-term Covid-19 Symptoms Get Better


A thirteen-year-old girl, Rose recovered from her headache that lasted for a year and a half.

Five-month-old Madelynn was unable to develop fully. She is facing a problem holding a bottle and lacks the strength to perform general activities like crawling and sitting. She is undergoing several therapies in the hope of recovery.

Children With Long-term Covid-19 Symptoms Get Better

In another case, a seven-year-old boy named Waylon had Covid-19 complications. The complications hampered his memory and his ability to walk and talk. After being in hospitals for months under administering several therapies, he is slowly improving. But he will have diabetes for the rest of his life.

For fourteen-year-old Nicaja Taylor, Covid-19 increased anxiety and asthma. The complications may have also triggered diabetes.

Children With Long-term Covid-19 Symptoms Get Better

Thirteen-year-old Matthew Burris lost his ability to run and walk properly. He was not very sick in the beginning. But over a few weeks, he observed that he was unable to walk and run as fast as he earlier could.

These are just a few.  Many more severely affected children are also there. Many of these will have to live with the complications for the rest of their lives.

In most cases, recovery is easy and fast, and the illness is also not very severe. But about 2-3% of the infected children suffer from long-term and prevailing symptoms. These may stay up to a duration of a few weeks or months. It has no clear explanation, and its time duration cannot be presumed.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention majority of the infected children are sure to recover swiftly. While a few may have to undergo regular treatment to overcome prevailing symptoms.

All around the United States, several clinics are coming forward to provide care to these children. There are several types of research underway for understanding how the Covid-19 virus triggered these long-term symptoms. The proper treatment methods for these symptoms are also under investigation.

Daniel Munblit said everybody is curious to know the answers and explanations. But it is necessary to understand that we are unaware of the reasons. We do not have answers and explanations.

A study conducted in Russia showed that about one-fourth of the infected children experienced long-term symptoms. The symptoms were visible for six to eight months.

The situation is entirely unpredictable. Some of the sickest patients recover completely in a short period. Whereas the ones with mild illness sometimes have severe long-term symptoms.

Munblit said, 2-3% may sound like a tiny proportion, but these kids are being affected for a decade of their lives. And so, we cannot downplay this. Investigations are underway, and we are trying to find the answers.

Young children are still not eligible to take vaccine shots. It makes them more vulnerable. The Delta variant is also the most contagious Covid-19 variant and is also infected children in higher proportions.

Children below the age of 12 are not eligible for vaccination, and the surge in Covid-19 cases makes the situation more problematic for young children.

Given the severe complications reported in young children, there is an urgent need to start vaccination among them.


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