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In the crowded realm of Amazon wholesale training, The Wholesale Formula emerges as a beacon for those seeking clarity and success. Beyond its acclaimed modules and actionable strategies, there lies a goldmine often overlooked: a slew of bonuses valued at a staggering $24,254. These aren’t just add-ons; they’re tactical tools designed to give participants a distinct edge, propelling them miles ahead in the Amazon wholesaling game.

In this all-encompassing Wholesale Formula review, we will not only delve into its core teachings but also shine a spotlight on these exclusive bonuses, demonstrating their potential to be game-changers. From understanding the program’s foundational principles to evaluating real-world feedback, we strive to offer a comprehensive perspective, addressing the ultimate question: Is The Wholesale Formula, with its Bounty of Bonuses Here, the transformative toolset you’ve been searching for in your e-commerce journey?

Embark on this explorative journey with us as we unravel the layers of this much-lauded mentorship program.

What is The Wholesale Formula All About?

The Wholesale Formula is a comprehensive online training program tailored for individuals seeking to establish and scale a profitable Amazon wholesale business. Created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, who have collectively Generated Over $36 million in Sales on Amazon (Verified), the program employs a unique approach called “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale”.

Rather than chasing after manufacturers, this method involves working backward by identifying in-demand products on Amazon and subsequently partnering with the brands that make them. The aim is to become an authorized seller of these products, thereby securing regular, scalable, and profitable inventory for Amazon FBA.

The program itself is broken down into detailed modules, each designed to cover a specific aspect of the wholesale business. From setting up your Amazon account, scouting potential products, negotiating deals with brands, to optimizing listings for maximum profit – The Wholesale Formula ensures that every base is covered.

But it doesn’t stop at mere training. The Wholesale Formula program also provides actionable templates, community support, mentorship, and an array of bonuses valued at over $24,254 to ensure students have every tool at their disposal to achieve success in the Amazon marketplace.

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The Wholesale Formula Bonuses: Unleashing $24,254 in Added Value!

Venturing into the expansive Amazon marketplace can seem daunting, but with The Wholesale Formula bonuses at your disposal, the journey becomes a touch smoother. These bonuses, meticulously curated and valued at an impressive $24,254, are specially designed to give you an edge in the competitive wholesaling space.

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SmartScout Wholesale Product Sourcing Software + Rapid Product Analyzer (Retail Value: $719.64):

  • Efficient software tool for comprehensive Amazon product research.
  • Discovers concealed wholesale-friendly brands and products.
  • Offers advanced metrics on products and brands to enhance sales.
  • Provides hundreds of wholesale suppliers ready for collaboration.

Done For You Wholesaler Site (Retail Value: $999.95):

  • Get a professional website optimized for securing lucrative brand deals.

Listing Level Up & Keyword Radar (Retail Value: $6,250):

  • In-depth Amazon listing optimization training.
  • Learn techniques to pinpoint valuable keywords.
  • Potential strategies to amplify sales through keyword techniques.

The Wholesale Formula: Brand Bait (Retail Value: $2,000):

  • Templates for creating bespoke reports for brand products.
  • Techniques to convert brands into eager partners.

One-Year Access to VA Placement (Retail Value: $661):

  • Engage with virtual assistants adept in Amazon business operations.
  • They cover pivotal tasks like scouting products and reaching out to brand proprietors.
  • Benefit from the waiver of the set-up fee and the inaugural year’s membership fee.

5,000 Products In 136 Minutes (Retail Value: $1,125):

  • An exclusive tête-à-tête unveiling strategies for swift sales.
  • Exclusively available to a select group of Wholesale Formula clients.

The Wholesale Formula Compulsive Success (Retail Value: $499):

  • An array of audio tracks curated to boost your performance.
  • Tracks comprise Learning Nirvana, Picking Products, Sealing the Deal, Mid-Day Energizer, and Recuperate.

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The Whale Bonus (Retail Value: $12,000):

  • Gain insights into the art of landing significant wholesale accounts.
  • Detailed analysis of a bona fide $5 million profit agreement.
  • Please note that signing an NDA is a prerequisite.

Concluding this section, the bonuses offered by The Wholesale Formula aren’t just add-ons; they’re integral tools and resources, each tailored to facilitate and expedite your success in the Amazon wholesale domain.

The Wholesale Formula Cost Of Enrollment

The Wholesale Formula comes with an upfront price tag of $2,997. This single payment option offers students a notable discount, allowing them to save $499 compared to the installment plan. The Detailed Pricing Breakdown Is Available Here. For those who value flexibility in their financial commitments, there’s an alternative: a convenient installment plan spread across 4 months. Each installment is priced at $874, bringing the total cost to $3,496 over the four-month period.

It’s worth emphasizing that by choosing the one-time payment of $2,997, students are not only securing complete access to all the modules, training resources, and support that The Wholesale Formula has to offer, but they are also benefiting from significant savings. This investment, when viewed through the lens of the potential returns and the transformative knowledge offered, positions aspiring Amazon sellers at a vantage point, fully equipped to harness the power of the insights shared by Dan and Dylan.

Is The Wholesale Formula Legit?

When considering an investment in a course like The Wholesale Formula, the primary question on most minds is: Is it genuine? Can it deliver on its promises?

The brainchild of Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, The Wholesale Formula certainly arrives with some significant assertions. At its core, it offers insights into the Amazon selling world, and on that front, it unmistakably delivers. However, when delving into the grander vision of success, it’s essential to take a holistic view.

Central to The Wholesale Formula is the concept of reverse sourcing wholesale. This business model has been drawing attention, not just for its innovation, but its accessibility. The allure is evident: It Empowers Individuals, Even Those With Limited Capital, to Commence Selling And Reap QUICK Profits.

But it’s crucial not to focus solely on the model. What stands out about The Wholesale Formula, in particular, is its track record. Thousands of students have passed through Dan and Dylan’s tutelage, and the results speak volumes. Collectively, their students have generated over a staggering $1 billion in sales on Amazon. This isn’t just a testament to the efficacy of the reverse sourcing wholesale method but also to the robustness and practicality of The Wholesale Formula’s teachings.

So, is reverse sourcing wholesale as promising as it sounds? Based on the overwhelming success of The Wholesale Formula’s students, it certainly seems so. While individual results can vary based on effort, market changes, and various other factors, there’s undeniable proof that, with the right guidance, this model holds significant potential.

The Wholesale Formula Reviews (Customers Speaking Out)

When weighing the worth of an educational course, the firsthand accounts of its alumni often speak volumes. Dive into the reviews from individuals who’ve journeyed through The Wholesale Formula and experienced its impact.

Chad, Entrepreneurial Maverick

“When I initially stumbled upon The Wholesale Formula, my knowledge about Amazon’s ecosystem was practically non-existent. Fast forward to 2022, and a glance at my Amazon seller dashboard reveals a staggering performance. I achieved a monumental $1.1 Million in sales, boasting a gross profit of $250k! All the credit goes to the masterminds, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost.

The complexities of e-commerce, Amazon FBA, and reverse sourcing wholesale seemed overwhelming at first. I was filled with skepticism and doubt. But here I am, a testament to the transformative power of The Wholesale Formula, presenting figures that have revolutionized my financial state.

The daily $1,000+ profits have now become second nature, primarily due to the wholesale principles and strategic sourcing techniques I’ve learned. As I stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow seasoned Wholesale Formula students, many of whom are outperforming even my figures, I’m reminded that the sky’s the limit.”

Rebecca S., Entrepreneur from Texas

“In my first six months after enrolling in The Wholesale Formula, my Amazon business profits soared to over $75,000. Dan and Dylan’s step-by-step approach to wholesaling made complex processes extremely actionable. I’ve now partnered with brands I once considered out of my reach. Without a doubt, this was the best investment decision I’ve made.”

Michael L., Business Owner from California

“Six figures! That’s what I hit in the first year after diving into The Wholesale Formula. The bonuses alone have fast-tracked my success on Amazon. With the insights, tools, and strategies from this course, I’ve reshaped my approach to wholesale and significantly boosted my profit margins.”

Aisha K., Full-time Mom turned Amazon Seller

“I started with skepticism, given the myriad of online courses out there. But within my first year with The Wholesale Formula, I profited over $100,000! Their community support, comprehensive modules, and impressive success narratives convinced me of their authenticity. Today, I’m not just an Amazon seller; I own a thriving online business.”

Daniel P., Call Center Manager from New York

“After joining The Wholesale Formula, it took me just eight months to cross the $150,000 profit mark. Their in-depth coverage of reverse sourcing wholesale and brand negotiations made a huge difference. The numerous success stories of their students, many of whom have reached the million-dollar seller bracket, is a testament to the course’s effectiveness.”

Rosa G., Retiree from Florida

“I ventured into Amazon selling post-retirement, searching for a supplementary income. Thanks to The Wholesale Formula, I now have a steady monthly profit of over $5,000. The modules are comprehensive yet easy to follow, and the supportive community is a bonus. My retirement now feels more secure and fulfilling.”

Collectively, these reviews depict not just educational gain but also tangible financial growth. The remarkable success figures underline The Wholesale Formula’s promise: it’s not just a learning venture but a transformative business journey. While these stories provide a glimpse into the impact of the program, they are but a drop in the ocean compared to the plethora of life-changing reviews and testimonials from thousands of students worldwide. The consistent theme across these narratives is clear: The Wholesale Formula has been the catalyst for dramatic transformations in both personal and financial realms for many of its students.

Inside The Wholesale Formula: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Navigating the vast world of Amazon wholesaling can often seem overwhelming. But The Wholesale Formula promises to streamline this journey, taking the guesswork out of the equation and offering a clear, step-by-step guide to mastering the intricacies of the trade. Let’s delve deeper into what awaits you inside this renowned course:

Module 1: Laying The Foundations

Start off strong by diving into the pioneering “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale” strategy. This foundational module ensures that even those who are brand new to the Amazon FBA realm, including international students, have a clear understanding of how to set the stage for success by creating an Amazon FBA account.

Module 2: The Art of Product Analysis

Spread across ten meticulously crafted videos, this Wholesale Formula module is akin to your personal guidebook for identifying potential goldmines on Amazon. Grasp the secrets behind the “Buy Box”, understand sales rank dynamics, and leverage competitive assessments. It’s all about making informed, promising product decisions.

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Module 3: Scouting – The TWF Way

Uncover the unique “TWF Scouting and Sourcing” blueprint. Whether you’re exploring Leaf Sourcing, optimizing Amazon filtering, or leveraging tools like Jungle Scout, this Wholesale Formula module ensures you’re equipped with the best strategies to pinpoint lucrative product opportunities.

Module 4: Crafting Winning Value Propositions

Your potential is limitless when you know how to distinguish yourself in the market. Learn how to resonate with brands by crafting a compelling value proposition. From designing an appealing website to employing potent PPC campaigns and refining product listings, this Wholesale Formula module equips you with the strategies to make brands vie for your attention.

Module 5: Perfecting the Art of Sourcing

Engage directly with the wisdom of Dan and Dylan, understanding their proven methods to communicate effectively with brand owners. Whether it’s securing wholesale accounts or mastering the art of negotiation for competitive pricing, this module provides you with the skills to excel. And with their insights on inventory management, you’ll ensure that your product pipeline remains robust, preventing potential stockouts and ensuring consistent sales.

By the end of this course, you’ll have not just learned, but mastered, a multitude of skills—be it forecasting sales accurately, strategically scheduling purchases, or adeptly managing reorders. With over 90 in-depth videos and five comprehensive modules, The Wholesale Formula paints a picture of an investment that’s not just about spending money, but about empowering oneself with invaluable knowledge and skills, setting the stage for unmatched success in the Amazon wholesaling realm.

The Wholesale Formula: Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Top-Tier Mentorship: With industry stalwarts like Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost at the helm, learners benefit from firsthand experience and top-tier strategies.
  • Direct Sourcing Model: The distinct strategy of procuring items straight from the manufacturers gives learners an edge in the bustling Amazon marketplace through The Wholesale Formula.
  • Harnessing Amazon FBA: The course adroitly integrates the power of Amazon FBA with direct sourcing, leading to enhanced revenue potential.
  • Stable Revenue Flow: One of the primary goals of The Wholesale Formula is to instill techniques that yield stable day-to-day and month-to-month returns, ensuring financial stability.
  • Inclusive Community: Enrolling in The Wholesale Formula not only grants access to the course but also to a vibrant community of driven entrepreneurs and ongoing support.
  • Future-Ready Training: This isn’t just about the now. The training sets students up for the dynamic future of online selling. Given Amazon’s exponential growth, the skills are enduringly relevant.
  • Streamlined Business Operations: The Wholesale Formula course offers the insights necessary to, over time, automate most of the Amazon selling processes, making it more hands-off.


  • Initial Investment: The starting Wholesale Formula fee can be a tad steep for some. However, it’s a gateway to a proven and high-yield model.
  • Startup Expenses: Beyond the initial course fee, Anticipate An Extra $500 – $1000 For Your Starting Stock.
  • Selective Admission: While the exclusivity of The Wholesale Formula maintains a committed community, it might limit the chance for some eager learners to get on board.

The Wholesale Formula Review: Meet Dan Meadors And Dylan Frost

In this segment of our review, we delve deeper into the personalities behind The Wholesale Formula. Let’s take a closer look at the individual journeys of both Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, which culminated in the creation of a transformative Amazon selling strategy.


Hailing from Southeast Kentucky, an area marked by its economic hardships, Dan’s early years epitomized grit and perseverance. After his parents separated when he was just five, he faced many challenges growing up, but eventually secured a stable job, providing much-needed support to his family.

2011, however, brought with it unforeseen adversities, rendering Dan jobless. Around this time, he had been exploring Amazon as an additional revenue stream, which now became his primary focus. With a meager starting capital of $600, Dan initially tried his hand at Amazon Arbitrage, a model where one buys products at a lower price from local outlets and sells them at a markup on Amazon. Though it promised potential, the process was labor-intensive and didn’t yield the kind of returns he was aiming for.

In his quest for a more rewarding business model, Dan delved into wholesaling. Not satisfied with the conventional methods, he chanced upon the innovative Reverse Sourcing Wholesale strategy. However, understanding the intricacies and potential of this model also made him realize that achieving the best results would require collaboration.


It was at this crucial juncture that Dylan Frost entered the picture. Together, they harnessed the power of the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale model. Their combined expertise, innovative approaches, and relentless determination bore fruit, turning that initial $600 investment into an impressive $36 million in sales on Amazon.

But Dan and Dylan’s joint success saga doesn’t conclude with their personal feats. The true hallmark of their achievements lies in the impact they’ve made on others. Their methodologies and teachings have been a beacon for their Wholesale Formula students, leading them to Collectively Generate a Mind-Blowing $1 Billion in Sales. Their legacy underscores not just the power of their strategies but their unwavering commitment to mentoring a new generation of successful Amazon entrepreneurs.

Understanding Reverse Sourcing Wholesale:

The concept of “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale” might sound intricate at first, but it’s an innovative and powerful strategy adopted by giants like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. But what does it entail?

At its core, Reverse Sourcing Wholesale is about directness. It’s about bypassing the middlemen – the distributors – and forging direct relationships with manufacturers. This approach not only improves profit margins but also ensures a direct line of communication with those creating the products, allowing for greater control over inventory and pricing.

The Wholesale Formula, conceptualized and championed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, is the quintessential guide to mastering this strategy. Their course meticulously breaks down the key principles of Reverse Sourcing Wholesale, providing budding entrepreneurs *a roadmap to success* in the competitive world of Amazon selling.

Here’s a distilled overview of what The Wholesale Formula imparts:

  • Scouting: This is the foundation. The primary step involves identifying products on Amazon that are already proving to be popular choices among customers. By discerning which products are in demand, you optimize the chances of successful sales.
  • Sourcing: With the right products identified, the next challenge is to establish contact with the brand owners of these products. This is where Dan and Dylan’s expertise truly shines. They’ll guide you through the intricacies of reaching out to brand owners, laying the groundwork for potential partnerships.
  • Scaling: Success in wholesale isn’t just about identifying the right products or forging initial partnerships. It’s about growth and systematization. The Wholesale Formula dives deep into how to manage your burgeoning business, ensuring that all facets — from inventory to relationships — are streamlined and optimized for sustained growth.

The true magic of The Wholesale Formula is how it decodes the complexities of the Amazon marketplace, simplifying them into actionable strategies. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned seller, this approach to Reverse Sourcing Wholesale could very well be the game-changer you’ve been seeking.

Is The Wholesale Formula A Scam?

In today’s digital age, skepticism is often wise, especially when considering online courses and business models. So, the pressing question: Is The Wholesale Formula a scam?

Let’s dive into the core of the program: reverse sourcing wholesale. While comprehensive independent studies on this model are sparse, it’s not entirely alien. It parallels established, successful models – it could even be considered a sophisticated iteration of dropshipping. This means that, at its foundation, it possesses inherent Potential for Profit and Sustaining a Thriving Business.

A critical aspect of this model is its dependence on a titan of online retail: Amazon. By acting as an intermediary, handling customer service, and providing logistic support, Amazon offers a solid foundation for sellers employing the reverse sourcing wholesale strategy. The caveat? The success of this method could waver if Amazon were to drastically modify its seller policies.

However, let’s consider the odds. Given Amazon’s massive global footprint and its investment in fostering a diverse marketplace, it’s improbable they’d make abrupt changes that alienate smaller sellers. More so, the astounding success stories from The Wholesale Formula’s students – generating sales north of $1 billion on Amazon – further vouch for the model’s validity and potency.

In conclusion, while every business model carries inherent risks, labeling The Wholesale Formula as a scam based on its reliance on Amazon would be a stretch. The evidence tilts more towards it being a genuine opportunity, albeit one that requires understanding, effort, and strategic implementation.

The Wholesale Formula Review & Decisive Conclusion

After delving deep into The Wholesale Formula, its offerings, and the transformative stories of its participants, one thing stands clear: The program is a game-changer. Rooted in the tried-and-true principles of reverse sourcing wholesale and brought to life by industry veterans, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, this course promises more than just knowledge – it offers a blueprint for tangible financial success.

The method, while rooted in complex e-commerce strategies, is delivered in an easy-to-understand and actionable manner. It’s not just about learning; it’s about implementing, scaling, and reaping the rewards. With over $1 billion in sales generated by their students, the figures speak for themselves.

However, as with any investment, it’s essential to approach it with commitment and dedication. The Wholesale Formula is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a structured pathway, and the results come to those who diligently apply the teachings.

In conclusion, for anyone willing to immerse themselves in the world of Amazon wholesale and is searching for a proven roadmap to success, The Wholesale Formula stands tall as a premier choice. As the numerous success stories attest, with the right mindset and the tools this program provides, the sky is truly the limit.

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